Côte-Vertu Garage Project – STM issues notice of default to EDT GCV Civil s.e.p.

In the interest of responsible project management, the STM has decided to issue a notice of default to EDT GCV Civil s.e.p., comprised of EBC inc., Dragados Canada Inc. and Groupe TNT Inc., the companies currently performing excavation, concrete and backfilling work as part of the Côte-Vertu garage project. The notice states that the company has five days to provide the STM with satisfactory solutions to a number of breaches of contract in order to control costs and limit schedule delays. The STM is taking this action following numerous discussions and breaches of agreement by representatives of EDT GCV Civil s.e.p.

In compliance with the STM contract management process and in the interest of promoting a constructive resolution, the STM will not issue further details on the exact criticisms against EDT.

This project is valued at $492.3 million and involves critical infrastructure for the operation of the Orange line and the entire métro network.

EDT GCV Civil s.e.p. was awarded a $130-million contract to perform the excavation and concrete work on the mainly underground garage, which was originally supposed to be completed in November 2019.

The STM still aims to commission the garage in 2022.

Côte-Vertu Garage Project

The Côte-Vertu garage project consists in the construction of an underground garage that will house 10 additional métro trains. The STM will also install a new track switch, allowing it to increase train frequency by 25% during peak periods on the Orange line. The garage commissioning is planned for 2022.

Source : STM

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