Additional O-Train Line 1 closure on Sunday, June 27

In addition to the nightly Line 1 service closures announced recently by OC Transpo, ending on July 1, O-Train Line 1 rail service will be replaced with bus service all day on Sunday, June 27. This will allow City staff to conduct proactive assessments and testing on OC Transpo's rail system technology, as required under the City's Technical Security Standards. In order to avoid a separate closure of the O-Train Line 1 system in the near future, and to further leverage a period of low ridership, this additional closure is being aligned with the temporary Line 1 service adjustment currently in place.

The current temporary service adjustment to O-Train Line 1 is being amended as follows:

  • From 7 pm until the end of service on Saturday June 26, and the entire day on June 27, O-Train Line 1 service will be replaced by R1 bus service. Rail service will resume June 28 at 5 am.

From June 28 to 30, Line 1 rail service will end each night at 7 pm and resume at its normal time the following morning. Throughout the closure, R1 replacement bus service will run along the entire alignment, with frequent trips to provide additional space for physical distancing.

Source : City of Ottawa

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