Gatineau Tramway

Gatineau Tramway - Interview with Myriam Nadeau, President of the STO - March 2021

The City of Gatineau is moving forward with opportunity studies to determine the need, technology, route options to better serve the West-End of Gatineau (specifically Aylmer and the Plateau). It has been determined that a service offered by rail is needed to provide adequate service in the future for these growing communities as well as providing service in and out of the downtown core of Ottawa. 

In this March 2021 interview with Myriam Nadeau, City Councillor for Pointe Gatineau and President of the STO, we discuss the West-End tram for Gatineau and answer the following questions: 

  • How a decision was made to pursue building a Tram/LRT in Gatineau. 
  • The advantages that the Tram/LRT will bring to commuters and citizens of Gatineau and in particular to those residing in the Plateau and Aylmer. 
  • The currently proposed routing options. 
  • The options for entry into Ottawa via the Portage Bridge: Surface on Wellington / Underground beneath Sparks. 
  • The timelines: work that has been completed, the next steps, and when might we see the first passengers ride this new transit service. 
  • How citizens can get involved during consultations, as well as providing feedback and support.