Gatineau Tramway

Discussing the Gatineau Tramway with Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, Mayoral Candidate - July 2021

The Gatineau Tramway, proposed for the west-end of the city, will transform public transit, most notably in the Plateau and Aylmer sectors, which currently do not have any rapid-transit offered. 

In this video discussion with Maude Marquis-Bissonnette (Mayoral Candidate, Leader of Action Gatineau, and councillor for Plateau), we discuss the tramway project, the eventual rapibus conversion, the tramway insertion into Ottawa, and a 6th crossing between Gatineau-Ottawa.


  • 00:19 - Introduction 
  • 00:31 - Gatineau Tramway 
  • 01:52 - How will the tramway improve the transit experience 
  • 03:04 - How will the tramway improve road congestion in the Plateau and Aylmer 
  • 05:08 - Closure to cars on rue Laurier near Place du Portage and Terraces de la Chaudiere 
  • 07:33 - Interest in converting the Rapibus to rail 
  • 08:54 - Timeline of converting the Rapibus 
  • 10:33 - The possible 6th crossing between Gatineau and Ottawa 
  • 11:42 - How can citizens voice their comments and become engaged with this project 
  • 13:11 - The routing of the tramway through the Plateau 
  • 15:55 - The insertion into Ottawa, on the surface on Wellington or in a tunnel under Sparks 
  • 17:35 - The Ottawa-Gatineau Loop