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Partnership will advance new contactless payment feature for OC Transpo

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OC Transpo is pleased to announce a new agreement with Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B) to fast track additional contactless fare payment technology on its bus fleet and at O-Train stations with fare gates.

Over the next several months, OC Transpo and S&B will work together to develop and test the technology that will allow riders to tap a credit card at fare card readers on buses and at O-Train station fare gates. Testing will take place throughout 2020, with the new system anticipated to be ready for customers next year.

This partnership will result in OC Transpo having one of the most advanced fare payment systems in Canada, giving customers flexibility to choose from a range of payment options.

This enhancement builds on the innovative technology in OC Transpo's fare gates and ticket vending machines installed at O-Train Stations. The addition of new payment options at faregates and fare card readers on buses is being fast tracked in light of the COVID-19 pandemic so that OC Transpo can offer customers additional options to easily pay their transit fare while reducing contact points along the system.

When launched, the new card readers will accept payments made with VISA and MasterCard, or by tapping a smartphone with Apple Pay or Google Pay. In the initial phase, the payment system will only be used for adult single-ride fares but can over time be expanded to other fare types.

As part of testing, customers will have an opportunity to use the new payment system at a fare gate at one O-Train Station by the end of 2020. Subject to the successful results of this trial, it is currently expected that the new payment option will be available on all buses and at all fare gates in 2021.

For more information on transit fares, programs and services, please visit octranspo.com.


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Great step in the right direction, but that's a hard pass for me to try out until they can provide some form of P.O.P that I can use for buses that aren't at fare paid zones. Not to mention, full price fare vs what I pay for EquiPass

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Indeed. However it says that transfers should be possible later on depending on the trial. I would expect it to be necessary to implement. Otherwise you have a gap in offer with the fares. Users of the new paytype are at a disadvantage over everyone else.

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I am eager to see how different fare types will be handled or if it will be just a single trip (with transfer) for adult fare that is sold when tapping a card. Short of adding buttons to the gates, I don't see how it could be anything else but a single adult trip (with transfer).

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I agree. The reality is, not everyone can benefit from this. It will be status quo with monthly passes, uPass, EquiPass... This option is basically just like the days of paying a cash fare. For anything else, Presto. Or ticket machine (day/week pass, family pass). 

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