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Do you receive Stage 2 Construction Updates?

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I would like to ask if any of you receive the Construction Updates for Stage 2.

I registered with 2 different addresses and I receive nothing. If I understand correctly, there are new renderings of the stations coming out. I'd like to see them as well.

A little disappointed after being treated to weekly updates when Line 1 was being built.


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Same here. That’s odd. If it’s not ending up in your Spam folder not sure what to suggest. Try signing up again and seeing if you get the confirmation email. The actual progress updates aren’t weekly though. Maybe once a month for east, west and south. The rest is notice of activity at a specific area as far as disruption noise and vibration. Informative but for those the photo or photos usually don’t correspond to the actual station and they tend to just use the standard header photo if it’s easy, west or south. 

We also have Snapshot Updates with photos on our site that are usually more comprehensive as far as visuals than what they officially put out (the occasional 1 photo per station). 

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Good Day.

Yes, I get them for the most part, but...... only after much effort and signing up more than three full tiimes and several item specific times. I still do not get all the ones I 'signed up' for. And do not bother trying their 'edit preferences' option...... you get nowhere fast.

Overall, I have always had many problems with City website. Searching is virtually impossible.


Edit : If you are still getting no joy, then the City website has an archive page of all the messages and notices :



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