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McGill Station - Connection between the Metro's Green Line and the REM

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McGill station on the REM will connect to the Metro's Green Line. Detail on this is not completely clear at this point. From my understanding, the REM will pass perpendicular to the Green Line but further down in depth. Does anyone have any information or any diagrams of how these two stations will end up connecting? 

While knocking out a wall to make an access corridor is always a possibility, this is quite a large volumous station, so it will be very interesting to see what the final solution is, and how it is constructed, without impacting the existing station too much or the operation of the Green Line.

The REM website gives this information on the station "McGill station will be beneath McGill College Avenue in the very heart of downtown, and will offer access to Montréal’s green metro line and its extensive underground shopping and restaurant network (RÉSO). It will also be connected to the Montréal Eaton Centre and Place Montréal Trust."



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Given the station will be located in what is essentially the Mount Royal Tunnel, and therefore under the current station. This was from when it was decided to add those downtown stations if I recall. If you look next to the Green Line, it seems to be a long hallway with a slope to McGill station. Since it is not as deep as Edouard-Montpetit, it seems to be an actual option, though that was before there was consultations regarding the constructions and community impact.


EDIT: Found this document for the CDPQinfra, dates from 2016 but shows another angler. It seems like the concourse will not allow people to go across, as they will have to go on the platform to reach the other side. https://www.cdpqinfra.com/sites/cdpqinfrad8/files/medias/pdf/rem_cdpqinfra_bref_tech_en_161125.pdf

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