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Corso Italia (formerly Gladstone)

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I think I can make it to wakley station by bike, maybe I'll take a few pictures this weekend  Cheers and feel free to upload pictures on the website ????  We got tarp!

Time for my weekly updates! 1. 8th of june, tarp on the other side of the "track". Workers have laid down these mats composed of old tires to allow access for the excavator. The machine on the ri

25th of June 3 pictures

Posted Images

 In order


-rail is already gone at Gladstone facing north

-Trees are shaved and visible scaffolding


- machinery removing tracks facing north

- work on the 417 replacement bridge facing north


- digging on the est side of the station

-More digging

-More digging


- trench on the side is visible


- More digging


-from hickory bridge facing north towards future Gladstone station, site of 417 Bridge replacement is VERY busy. The actual rail trench is completely blocked off by rocks to all the crew to access the bridge


Enjoy ????????














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Great pictures. Thank you very much for sharing.

I still find it impressive at how quickly track has been removed. It sure does look odd seeing just the rail ties on the ground without the rail. While the already existing stations on the line will all see upgrades and expansion to accommodate the longer FLIRT trains, the real action will be seen at Gladstone and Walkley, where stations did not previously exist. Great to see they are taking no time to get started now that the line is closed (already a little over a month now).

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Time for my weekly updates!

1. 8th of june, tarp on the other side of the "track". Workers have laid down these mats composed of old tires to allow access for the excavator. The machine on the right is digging holes to blast the rock to carve out the future station

2. 9th of June, technically not related but right behind Gladstone workers are preparing the 417 bridge replacement.

3. 10th of June, we're blasting! Those rubber mats are also used to contain explosions.

4. 12th of June, lots of progress on the blasting





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Amazing work taking place. Very impressive the speed at which it is all happening as well.

We are fortunate that the location is easily accessible to document and get great photos. Thank you for sharing!

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Release by the City of Ottawa today:


The City’s Planning Committee today approved a secondary plan to help guide future development near Corso Italia Station, which is scheduled to open along O-Train Line 2 at Gladstone Avenue in 2022.

Much of the nearby land is vacant or underused, and the opening of a new station will offer significant opportunities for new transit-oriented development in a core area. Such development would also support the City’s intensification goals.

Considerable consultation and study have led to a 25-year vision for the surrounding district, and the policies in the secondary plan aim to realize that vision. It encourages development that reduces dependence on cars, concentrates density along the O-Train line, introduces appropriate transitions to existing low-rise areas, builds on the area’s heritage and character, and enhances the public realm, especially where vacant or underused lots exist.


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Corso Italia Station - Lookahead Notice
October 19, 2021


As part of the Stage 2 O-Train South Extension Project, construction of Corso Italia Station and work in the guideway is continuing in preparation for track installation. The following information is intended to provide a look-ahead of scheduled activities and anticipated impacts between Corso Italia Station and Beech Street until the end of 2021.

At Corso Italia Station, crews will continue work on formwork, rebar and pouring concrete for walls. Work on the two sets of concrete stairs will commence and crews will be completing formwork, rebar and concrete pouring for the elevator shaft slab. A temporary MUP detour will be required south of the station.

Work on the MUP under the 417 is scheduled to continue until November, but this may be extended to accommodate additional MUP improvements.

Along the guideway between Corso Italia Station and Beech Street, track bed preparation is scheduled to start in November. This will involve the installation of sub-ballast and ballast in preparation for track installation, which is not scheduled until 2022.

In the guideway/trench adjacent to Railway Street, final rock breaking activities to remove rock behind an existing ramp are scheduled to commence in October for a duration of 1 to 2 days.

Described works at Corso Italia Station, along the guideway and in the trench adjacent to Railway Street will continue until the end of 2021.

Work will continue at Corso Italia Station every Saturday and intermittent Sundays. Weekend work is not anticipated in the guideway between Highway 417 and Beech Street. Night work is also not anticipated in this segment at this time.

Work continues along the existing Trillium Line to build new stations and widen the guideway in preparation for the installation of a second track in certain locations.

Corso Italia Station work is occurring on the north side of Gladstone Avenue. Guideway work will take place between Gladstone Avenue and Beech Street. See the map below for a more precise location.

A map showing the location of work sites at Corso Italia Station, located on the Trillium Rail alignment north of the 417, and the Trench, which is located along the Trillium Rail alignment south of the 417.


  • Pedestrians and cyclists will be guided to the temporary MUP detour once in place, and are instructed to watch for signage in the area.
  • Increased construction noise and vibration is expected during track bed preparatory work.
  • Snow clearing equipment may be used to clear sites between 5 and 6 am, as needed.  

If you have questions about this work, please contact the City’s representative:
Michael Brossoit
Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program
City of Ottawa
Email: michael.brossoit@ottawa.ca
Website: ottawa.ca/stage2

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I thought I'd get my opinion out there, but the naming of some stations on the Line 2 expansion are just odd and make no sense to the common user. Their original proposal of Gladstone makes more sense than what they ended up choosing, "Corso Italia". Starters... Gladstone is on Gladstone... We usually name stations that are directly related to the near by area. Sure, Preston is called "Corso Italia", but the train doesn't actually connect to Preston. If Preston = Corso Italia, then surely enough, when you get out of the station you should be on Preston right? Well no, you're still 200m away from Corso Italia, but lets give that station that name anyways... Not the biggest deal as its a new station, but I noticed a theme that will confuse riders once ridership jumps back up after COVID and Line 2 is up again.1.jpg.66a5311d0f9af60e8f882ff088efadeb.jpg

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