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Lincoln Fields

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Hey y'all. Glad to see that photos that I posted on Lost Ottawa seemed to garner a lot of attention. I thought I would post more photos that I took that I didn't post to Lost Ottawa just to keep the p

Lincoln Fields' bus loop entrance reconfiguration

Here it is on a map. You might be thinking of Fallowfield.

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Is there two platforms side by side at Lincoln Fields? The station just before the split going West on Line 1.

I took a look at the renderings.

Can someone explain how it will work?

Look at the Blueprint showing 3 guideways : Westbound to Moodie, South-Westbound to Baseline from DT (Downtown?) and Eastboud to DT.

Westbound to Moodie seems to have its own platform while the other one seems to be serving South-Westbound to Baselin and Eastbound towards Downtown.

The rendering of the split is also a puzzle to me as I cannot figure where Lincoln Fields Station is.

And lastly, isn't there a VIA Rail stop nearby?


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23 minutes ago, occheetos said:

Here it is on a map.

Yes, thank you. And I see the same three guide ways configuration. I can now also see where the split happens and I can understand the perspective of the rendering. Very helpful!

24 minutes ago, occheetos said:

You might be thinking of Fallowfield.

Yes. Thanks again...

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Hey y'all. Glad to see that photos that I posted on Lost Ottawa seemed to garner a lot of attention. I thought I would post more photos that I took that I didn't post to Lost Ottawa just to keep the post somewhat short. First, let me provide some updates about the Station since I took the photos...

* Scrap pile was moved the next day closest to the edge of the old local platform, close to the road barricades.
* First couple of lights in the (now blocked off) main terminus building closest to the door entrance are now turned off, including the old eastbound "off only platform" on the Transitway.
* 85 Bayshore now pulls into the Station, as opposed to serving 5A only, undoing a 2007 change made to the 85 to make it faster westbound. Lincoln time stops has also been removed.
* They stole some "Keep off roadway signs" from the Transitway and moved it to the new local platform or attached them to new signs with new updated fines ($205 vs $125).
* Supervisor post remains standing, though won't be surprised if that too is taken down.
* New signage has been posted to replace the old "sweep era" themed wayfinding signs.

Here are some photos:


Small video of the demo, that I will be posting to my YT channel.



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Thanks for the additional photos @Loud-Invero

i plan to archive them in the Snapshot Update section as this demolition is pretty substantial in terms of change. I’ll tag them with Loud-Invero for credit (or you can private message me if you prefer something else to appear). 

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Where do we think the retail and washrooms will be at Lincoln Fields? Based on the plans, I think the retail will be at concourse level, between the two elevator shafts (or a few feet north, still above the tracks). The washrooms concern me. The only spot I can see is on the seldom used side platform, to the left where we see two sets of doors leading to a rectangular structure. I've always found the washrooms on the Tunney's platform strange, but this would be even worse, requiring a lot of going up and down to use the facilities and go back to the centre platform or bus loop. 



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Probably on the lower level similar to Hurdman or Blair. I hope they open something like a Quickie/Circle K as opposed to a H.G.C. I could use a cheap hot chocolate instead of paying $3.00 for a small H.C and maybe access to better selection of goods. Gateway/Quickie missed out on an opportunity, but given how they were treated with the 09' Baseline demolition, 2015 Hurdman Closure, and the closing of the Bayshore location in 2017 (I miss that store so much) and then the PDO and Lincoln Closure in 2019, it's no surprise they never bid for a spot on the LRT. Hell, I'm not surprised even Tim Hortons franchisees don't want to bid on a spot.

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I agree. While we see a lot of photos of the overhead walkway concourse, there has been mention of a passage underneath the tracks from time to time. I too would expect things to be found down there where there would be more room..

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