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Stage 1 - Confederation Line - Construction Updates

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This week's construction update has two very exciting photos contained within. (Both photos credit to City of Ottawa : https://www.ligneconfederationline.ca/news/construction-update-195/)

The first is a picture of the main concourse of Lyon Station. Big and vast are two words that spring to mind.


The second is of St. Laurent Station where you can see two trains coupled together.


Just these two pictures draw a lot of excitement, as you can see in big ways that the work in most stations is quickly coming to an end. Granted Rideau Station is still the spot with the most work remaining, the rest of the network is wrapping up.

According to the Construction Update this week, the section from Blair to Hurdman is pretty much done, with just minor work and finishing occurring, in tandem with testing and commissioning operations.

It's been a busy month and a half for me but I will be getting back out there to resume posting Snapshot updates in a week's time.

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Yep, that's pretty much all from the chianello article, which was mostly truthful but taken to mean different things out of context. If rtg keeps up with snow removal, I don't anticipate any significa

Yesterday, I recorded an informational video with Mayor Jim Watson and at that time he shared the good news that we are now awaiting occupancy on only one station.  Rail is almost here and big mi

Finally Google has added flyover imagery including Line 1! This thing is absolutely beautiful and while the wait sucks it will all be worth it!    

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Good Day.

Re: Lyon pic.....

to my eye, not so much. Of course, pics do not really show in person live actual perceived space (and I am from Montreal, so I am biased !)....

and this is the concourse level, after the fare gates and before you descend to platform level, so people will not spend too much time here.

Of more concern is the platform level....which, from pics so far (and Parliament station just about the same), show (to me) very cramped platforms.

We shall see ......

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I was passing through Place de Ville earlier this week and noticed that the construction hoardings that had been up for several years have finally been removed.

It is now possible to see the interior integrated entrance to Lyon Station.

I had shared it on Twitter and there were a few comments about why there was any need for doors. Several reasons could include air flow (anyone who has been to Montreal knows that the suction and vaccuum created by the train movements can be quite strong), so this would need to be controlled or the air in Place de Ville could also be affected. The doors create a barrier and buffer to help limit this. Another reason is for fire safety, to help segregate the various areas. Access control after hours is a third.

I thought the entrance would have been a bit more elaborate or with more doors (similar to the interior entrance in the Sun Life Financial Centre at Parliament Station). Overall, the people using these doors will be people working at Place de Ville or staying at the hotels. Still, I would have preferred two sets of double doors.



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Good Day.

As for doors rather than a drop chainlink gateway.... yep - airflow control is the most probable explanation. You see doors at the lower level St. Laurent access as well.

Even though both have or should have good vent stacks, airflow is still a bear.

Indeed, as you mention (I am from Montreal originally) Montreal has some stations that are fierce. Peel - Concordia comes to mind.

Most of the rolltop gateways are at open-air stations - a far less problematic location / situation.


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Following up from my photos a bit higher of the interior entrance within Place de Ville to Lyon Station, this weeks construction update has a photo of inside the station, directly on the opposite side of those doors. 

You can see the doors just to the right of the escalators and stairs if you follow down the ramp on the right side of the image. 


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The November 8, 2018 Construction Update has several interesting details to report.


Construction Update

The track and Overheard Catenary System (OCS) are certified for operation at line speed (50 km/hr); some vehicles are also certified for line speed operations. End-to-end guideway testing is ongoing at full line speed. Coupled train testing continues. Landscaping works as well as testing and commissioning occur throughout the alignment. At the downtown stations, the installation and testing of fare gates is underway.

Guideway and Testing

Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) testing in the tunnel is now complete and the entire guideway is now available for Automatic Train Operation (ATO). The track and Overhead Caternary System (OCS) are certified for operation at line speed, with some vehicles in the fleet also certified for line speed operations. End-to-end guideway testing is ongoing at line speed. Coupled train testing continues.

This is all very promising news, and helps to show that things are definitely advancing. Automatic train control and the CBTC systems are key for system certification and acceptance. To read that the trains are now able to run from end to end in Automatic Train Operation is excellent news. Even more, that the track and catenary system are certified for line speed.

From the update it would seem like most of the work on the infrastructure is surrounding Tunney's Pasture (landscaping and surrounding finishes), and Parliament / Rideau Stations to a higher degree.

I'm still optimistic for a handover before the end of the year, of course we should get a better idea at the FEDCO meeting next Wednesday.

Becoming more and more optimistic.

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I was hoping for sooner but his words do say By The End of March. So could also mean March at the latest.

I'm still hoping for earlier.

I guess we will have some big news on the date at the FEDCO on Wednesday. 50 hours to go.

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Me too I was hoping for earlier and thanks Shane for your great work posting pictures and FEDCO reports. I have been in Ottawa too long I believe for the way I read the Mayor's reply is that we will have a date by the end of March... not that it will open by then. But I think that is too pessimistic. 

At some point they cannot be that incompetent. From the the pictures and various reports from commenters, March sounds reasonable. 

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Thanks Shane for the FEDCO report and the video. 

They are further along than I thought reading from various reports. This is encouraging and March is certainly doable and like others see that as more of a deadline than a target. While we won’t know for sure till RTG reports, am sure the city has performed its own evaluation for Mayor Watson to tweet end of March. 

By March the system should be up and running. 

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I have little doubt they will open by end of March, but I'm hopeful for even sooner. Lots of progress made over the past few months, it's really impressive.

I guess we can put January 2nd on calendar as the deadline to find out the new RSA date. They have 60 days from the last one of November 2nd to announce a new Revenue Service Availability date. That's a month and a half away.

I would expect we would hear something before Christmas, as after that it's just a week away and with holidays and New Year's... doubtful they would announce something in that week period, unless they want to be dramatic due to the holidays.

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It's been slow on the LRT news front the past 2 months but here's a small update:

Rideau Transit Group asks city for a one-day extension to the deadline for setting a new handover date. The city was supposed to find out today (Tuesday) but will now wait till Wednesday to find out. After this, the city will go over the new data and we should expect that the public will find out via the next FEDCO meeting (date not known yet), but could be next Tuesday.



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The City of Ottawa has just released to media the following memo in regards to the Confederation Line - Revenue Service Availability date.

RTG states that the Works Schedule will reflect achievement of Revenue Service Availability on or before March 31, 2019.

You can read the two documents that were distributed below for more details. I encourage all to view them to have the complete picture and update on the status of the line.


The two major points are:

  1. As per the attached documentation, RTG has advised the City that it will achieve RSA on or before March 31, 2019. Staff will continue to monitor RTG's progress against their RSA date.
  2. The RSA date is not the date that service is launched to passengers. It is expected that Confederation Line service would be launched within one month of achieving the RSA date. 
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