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End of line turn maneuver on the Confederation Line

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Quick question on what the process will be for the end of line turn maneuver on the Confederation Line.

On the Trillium Line as it is single track and platform at the terminus stations, the train just operates in the reverse direction to begin the new run.

In Montreal on the Metro, the trains will disembark their passengers at the terminus station, then continue into the tail tracks. Once stopped, they will reverse out towards the station and pass over the track switch, to switch sides.

On the Confederation Line, there doesn't appear to be much or any tail tracks, and from what can be seen, the switches are located before entering the station. Either the trains will enter on the arriving side platform, then reverse out, switch tracks, and reenter on the departing platform side, then reverse out to begin their run. Does anyone know if this is the plan? Or would they just arrive on the one platform, disembark and board the new passengers without switching?

The movements required to switch tracks will have an effect on limiting frequency as the next train won't be able to enter the station until the previous one has passed through the switch to the other platform.

I do realize that this scenario will only be for the next 4-5 years until the Stage 2 LRT extensions are completed.

Any ideas or confirmations on what the plan will be until then?

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13 minutes ago, CanadaGoose said:

They will move forward out of the station and use the crossover for the appropriate direction.

You have to note that in a few years they are starting construction again for Phase 2.

For increased clarity, during peak periods at least, the trains will alternate between left and right tracks.  Not a big deal at Blair as it has a centre platform, so you just go to the side of the platform that the train is on.  At Tunnies Pasture it is a bit more confusing as it has side platforms, so there will be a reader board that tells you which platform to go to.  Hopefully it will tell you how long until it leaves, as if you just miss the train, you will have to go back up and over to the other platform.

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I was thinking they would enter and exit the same way they currently do with the overpass over the transitway to Scott street. I think they will be detoured down Scott Street to Westboro and then near Dominion to head down the Ottawa River Parkway to Lincoln Fields. From there no idea.

But my thought has always been the overpass that crosses the trench to Scott street. As the ramp down to the transitway will be closed and removed to make way for the track extension.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what the detour will be like. I don't think it will be quite as smooth as the current one in use.

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12 hours ago, CanadaGoose said:

Yeah, you know what I wonder, how are the buses post to enter Tunneys Pasture when they start Phase 2?

As the image below shows, (from pg 6 of the Tunney’s Pasture to Dominion Station – Traffic and Transit Detours Presentation),  Workman Ave. will be temporarily extended to the SJAM Parkway.  To reduce traffic on Workman Ave and Scott St, only buses in service will run along it.  Buses deadheading will use Goldenrod to Parkdale to the SJAM Parkway.

Stage 2 - West Detour.png

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One other note, this detour won't be setup until 2021, once Stage 2 South is complete.  This is for two reasons:

  1. Converting the transitway will take less time than other parts of Stage 2 West.
  2. Delays induced by the detour (especially when deadheading) will require the use of the buses that will be used for the Trillium Line replacement service.
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That makes sense. Thanks for sharing the map. The road should handle it relatively well along Scott, the only spot that is consistently a bottleneck is approaching Island Park for vehicles going to Gatineau, but no doubt they will expand the lanes to allow for an easier pass through the intersection. Despite the traffic lights overall, it should flow quite well , similar to how it goes now from LeBreton to Tunney's in the bus lanes.

The extension of Scott to reach the Parkway no doubt is key to make this work.

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Here is another map from the same document (pg. 44), that gives a bit more detail on the connection to the SJAM Parkway.  The  buses won't run directly on Workman Ave, but beside it.  A temporary bridge (likely a foam one like built at Tunnies Pasture, see WSA Page) will be build to cross the old transitway to allow LRT construction.  The dotted line is the existing transitway.


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The bridge at Tunney's has a foam core... interesting.

I like how they will be reusing the existing Transitway entrance to the SJAM parkway. Good plan overall.

I'm gonna check out the document you referenced.

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On 8/26/2018 at 9:10 PM, CanadaGoose said:

Yeah, you know what I wonder, how are the buses post to enter Tunneys Pasture when they start Phase 2?

I just found myself thinking of this again. You are right. The way the new bus stops and loop are setup, buses can exit at the rear (onto Yarrow Driveway) but not enter. To me, they will probably construct a more permanent overpass to replace the foam bridge currently in use over the Transitway, although it may cause alot of disruption to the buses.

Surprising if that is the ultimate solution that they didn't just do that from the start than construct a temporary bridge.

Here is the layout map for Tunney's in its current configuration for reference.


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