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I was unable to find plans or details about the bus connections and/or bus loop at Bayview for stage 2. Anyone know how passengers will transfer to local bus connections and how will the night bus service connect?
Also how will the new East-side platform of Bayview-Line 2 connect into the rest of the station, in terms of elevators and fare-paid zone transfers?
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They won't be building a bus loop at Bayview. The westbound bus stop will remain at the station plaza on Albert Street. As for the eastbound bus stop, it's currently a two minute walk from the station, at Bayview Road and Albert. It would make a lot of sense to relocate it across the street from the station plaza, but that might depend on the Trinity Centre project. The current plans call for a new pedestrian bridge linking Trillium's west platform with the new Trinity complex, but I'm not sure if this will be built now, or with the Trinity towers. The project updates seem to indicate it will be built as part of Stage 2, but I'm unsure how that's possible without the Trinity project in place. 


The two Trillium platforms will be linked at the north end, in front of the tracks, preventing an easy extension to Gatineau for the moment. I think I read somewhere that the east platform will seldom be used so that passengers don't always have to go all the way around the station. If ever we do extend to Gatineau, the City will need to build a whole new set of vertical circulation on the east side. It does seem like they left enough space to do that eventually.  




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Bayview Station - Lookahead Notice
October 19, 2021


As part of the Stage 2 O-Train South Extension Project, construction of Bayview Station continues. The following information is intended to provide a look-ahead of scheduled activities and anticipated impacts until the end of 2021.

At the station crews will: continue with the formwork, rebar and concrete for foundations and platform walls and concrete pouring for the final pile caps. Work will start on connections for fire protection and work is expected to start on duct banks. Station work will also require a temporary MUP detour this fall to allow for final asphalt installation on the new MUP.

In the guideway, crews will continue with track bed preparation (installation of ballast and sub-ballast) in advance of track installation between Bayview Station and Corso Italia Station.

These activities are scheduled to occur in the final three months of the year, though this schedule may be subject to change. Intermittent Saturday shifts will continue, with no overnight work anticipated at this time.

Work continues along the existing Trillium Line to modify stations in preparation for longer trains and to upgrade the existing rail.

Work at Bayview Station is south of the existing station, adjacent to Albert Street. See the map below for the precise location.

A map showing the location of the Bayview Station work site, located underneath Albert Street where it intersects with the Trillium Rail Line


  • Pedestrians and cyclists will be guided to the temporary MUP detour once in place, and will need to watch for signage in the area.
  • Increased construction noise and vibration is expected during track bed preparatory work later this year.

If you have questions about this work, please contact the City’s representative:
Michael Brossoit
Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program
City of Ottawa
Email: michael.brossoit@ottawa.ca
Website: ottawa.ca/stage2

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