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YOW - Ottawa International Airport - Redevelopment and Expansion

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The Ottawa International Airport is going through an expansion and redevelopment phase, with improved security screening, new concessions in a rebuilt and expanded food court and shopping area and a hotel connected by skywalk to the terminal. The Trillium Line of the O-Train will also have a spur line to serve the airport terminal via a new light rail station.

Today the airport authority released a news release on the selected concessions for the terminal redevelopment. Also attached below are concept images of the new concessions that will be installed and setup.


The Ottawa International Airport Authority announced its new Airport Concession Program to employees, partners, and stakeholders this evening.

Multiple years of consultation, design, and a competitive tender process culminated in SSP Canada and Paradies Lagardère being named Master Concessionaires for the airport’s food, beverage, and retail offering. Additionally, global quick-serve giant, Subway, was also assigned an independent contract to round out the program.

Key to the process was ensuring that Ottawa-Gatineau is reflected in the terminal, which was successfully achieved with the following partnerships:

SSP Canada:

  • Big Rig Brewery;
  • Bridgehead Coffee;
  • La Bottega Nicastro; and
  • Zak’s Diner.

These local brands will join iconic and SSP Canada proprietary brands including:

  • Tim Hortons;
  • Canal Market Hall; and
  • Urban Crave.

Paradies Lagardère:

  • Dylan’s Candy Bar;
  • Maison de la Presse;
  • TripAdvisor;
  • Relay;
  • No Boundaries; and
  • The Locks.

Local products that will be offered in the Paradies Lagardère stores include:

  • Bee Savvy;
  • Hummingbird Chocolate;
  • Low Poly Crafts;
  • Purple Urchin;
  • Split Tree Cocktail;
  • Strut Jewelry; and
  • Top Shelf Preserves, to name a few.

The concession program is a key pillar in the YOW+ airport enhancement program, along with the pre-board screening checkpoint move from Level 2 to Level 3, Group Germain Hotels construction of the Alt Hotel Ottawa Airport, and construction of the light rail transit station. The $27 million concession construction program, of which YOW will be contributing $12 million, and our Master Concessionaires will be contributing $15 million, will be phased over two years. In all, YOW+ represents more than $100 million in investment in the community by the Ottawa International Airport Authority and its project partners.


Ottawa International Airport Authority

“We are thrilled to announce an impressive new food and beverage and retail lineup at YOW, including beloved local brands such as Big Rig Brewery, Bridgehead Coffee, La Bottega and Zak’s Diner, and iconic brands such as Subway and Dylan’s Candy Bar,” said Mark Laroche, President and CEO of the Ottawa International Airport Authority. “We listened to our passengers and employees incorporating more modern options, diversity of product in new and beautiful spaces. We are confident that this new program will be a delight to all.”

“Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Authority team and partners at SSP Canada and Paradies Lagardère, the Airport Concession Program will take YOW to the next level in terms of quality, choice and overall passenger experience. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this fantastic outcome,” said Code Cubitt, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa International Airport Authority.

SSP Canada

Gary A. Jacobus, Senior Vice-President of Business Development said, “Currently a leading example of how a gateway can serve as a major economic driver for a region while leading the way in world-class, multi ASQ award-winning customer service, YOW continues to succeed because of its focus on its local and regional communities. SSP Canada is delighted to bring a portfolio filled with local, regional and national brands that showcase the outstanding food and drink of this region. SSP Canada is proud to deliver a unique taste of place to the Canadian capital’s hometown airport.” 

Paradies Lagardère

“Paradies Lagardère is thrilled at the opportunity to continue its long-standing relationship with the Ottawa International Airport, and work with the airport as it moves into its next exciting phase,” said Gregg Paradies, president and CEO, Paradies Lagardère. “We’re providing terrific powerhouse brands such as Dylan’s Candy Bar and TripAdvisor, and proprietary brands such as the popular and award-winning No Boundaries, and The Locks, which was crafted with YOW travellers in mind. Paradies Lagardère is confident that the retail program we’ve put together, including an outstanding selection of authentic merchandise from local vendors, will offer travellers an enhanced customer experience unlike any other.”

About the Ottawa International Airport Authority

OIAA manages, operates and develops airport facilities and lands in support of the economic growth of Canada’s Capital Region, generating more than $2.2 billion annually in total economic activity in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Photos :















The ALT Hotel:


The O-Train Airport Station:



I think this is a great change to the airport, lots of new fresh designs and offerings, rather than the old food court that was quite limited. I do hope they keep the observation area or replace it with something else to allow a clear view of the airport tarmac and ground operations.

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Probably a side-effect of not being born / raised in Ottawa, but what is it with most people's fascination about Zak's? It's not even that good! Eitherway, nice to see the airport increasing the

Yeah, I am with you on that!

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Very impressed with the changes coming. The local flavours will truly represent what Ottawa has to offer. The hotel connected to the airport is a feature that few airports in Canada have. And although the three train transfer is less than ideal, it is a good start towards something better in the future. 

Speaking of which Shane, would it be possible to add this new rendering to the Airport Station section?

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Will do. Good idea. 

The previous news release in regards to the hotel states that it would open by end of 2020. That's quite soon as I don't think they have yet broken ground. Too bad the airport line is not yet open, would make going to check up on progress easier...

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Probably a side-effect of not being born / raised in Ottawa, but what is it with most people's fascination about Zak's? It's not even that good!

Eitherway, nice to see the airport increasing the offering, which seems varied and representative of the city. Nice to see more renders of the airport station, though I wish we saw more of the other side, not just the terminal access direction!

Since the airport is getting both an increase in terminal space, which hopefully will bring more traffic to the airport, and in its pre-clearance capacity, Ottawa might become a third "hub" in the East, alongside YYZ and YUL, though it definitely depends on the airlines and the ability of the airport to attract new carriers.

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