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Shelters for busses are insufficient

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I've been meaning t pop this question to the authorities designing and following the termination of this project. 

Is it that absolutely none involved realized the bus shelters that come with every new station are few, small and extremely crowded? Hw is it that such a big issue has been completely forgotten and not noticed before? I could see since day 1 that all transit users coming from the train have to basically wait many minutes under very harsh conditions (cold pouring rain, temperatures between -1 to -28 C, etc.). Why the bus shelters were not part of larger structures? 

It's a disgrace that those meager. tiny glass boxes have been considered a viable solution before and still are there in the incoming stations of Phase 2. When did we decided to change a pretty good commuting solution such as what we had at Hurdman or Blair years ago, for what we have now?



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I agree. I've always wondered if removing the red piping shelters at Blair's lower level was necessary. Before the pandemic, they were ready to put out a bid for new bus shelters at Blair and Tunney's

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I agree. I've always wondered if removing the red piping shelters at Blair's lower level was necessary. Before the pandemic, they were ready to put out a bid for new bus shelters at Blair and Tunney's (and another for new elevators at Blair), but we haven't heard anything on that in a while.

More puzzling is Hurdman, the only Stage 1 station that will remain a high volume transfer post-Stage 2. The entire thing was poorly designed, from the curves, to the offset bus loop and the lack of shelters. Having the station come in diagonally, with the bus loop around the station, using the lower level as a concourse (enclosed with bus arrival screens and benches) similar to the TTC. I assume the NCC had a lot to do with the poor layout, but that does not excuse the lack of shelters or waiting area in the concourse. 

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Agreed. Not sure on the additional elevator or stairs at Blair as once Stage 2 East is open, the flow at that station will drop quite considerably, thus rendering it unnecessary.

The bus canopy has been discussed several times and nothing has really been announced. Essentially they had discussed a cantilevered section that would hang out to provide some cover from the elements, rather than an enclosed structure, thus not impeding passenger flow. The legacy elevator near the Gloucester Centre Blair station entrance is also supposed to be replaced as either a new single elevator or a twin set... no recent news on this either.

Same thing for Tunney's Pasture but on the South bus platform (closest to the LRT station itself) as this side would remain post Stage 2. The larger horseshoe loop will get significantly scaled back or removed, again due to fewer buses. Also no movement or news on this at this time.

Hurdman.... no plans or anything I have heard, but something should be done. The bus flow is the same now as it will be in the future, with no change come Stage 2. Common ideas were to bring the buses closer to the guideway of the train so that passengers could wait underneath, rather than to the side of it. But some discussion on the land rights of the NCC are pointed to as possible reasons that was not done. Not sure how much truth there is to that though.

Rest assured, definitely in agreement, there should be more shelter.

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I agree with all the points brought up here. Blair station I can understand the bus loop was a "secondary priority" given the line was gonna be extended, but Hurdman, it is still ridiculous how that bus loop was planned and designed. It just makes no sense, regardless of the time of the day! Clearly not enough covered areas to hide from the snow and rain, and anyway you'll likely have to walk a long distance to your stop!

Blair needs those canopies as soon as possible, it is really shameful given how the station will not see much reconfiguration following Stage 2. Same thing with the secondary elevator / elevator refresh on the Gloucester Centre side, and PLEASE, make a second entrance on the other side facing towards the west. There is no reason for not having one there other than saving the cost of making one hole in a concrete wall and a paved path to the road. It's a 75m detour that is mostly exposed to the elements and, say you arrive from the west side, like the cinema or... I don't know, THE TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPEMENT THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY WHAT THE CITY WANTS, it makes for an unnecessary long walk on some of the stupidest sidewalks I have seen near a "world-class" transit station. I get it, most people arrive at the station by bus and therefore are already in the fare paid area, but if you actually need to enter the station, lord have mercy on the walk you will be going through, especially in the summer time! Most of it is because of the elevated way, which means you are going "back on your steps", but something that should be, realistically a 2-3 minute walk can be 5-10 minute depending on your pace and ability to go up and down stairs, and also hope your timing is right to arrive on the platform and not just have a train depart, which is even more painful with the currently reduced service.

Sure I am being harsh, probably overly harsh, but that's the kind of things that makes people not want to use transit. It's the same problem at Hurdman and Tunneys in some way: why does it have to take a long distance walk to get to your bus or out of the station? Imagine it's a bus that runs every 30 minutes and you end up pretty much soaked by the time you arrive to your destination: are you gonna be happy paying 130$ a month for a transit pass?



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10 hours ago, J.OT13 said:

Hopefully, the proposed tower at Blair Station will come with a major reconfiguration of the north side (Gloucester Centre) entrance.

I really hope so. The current entrance is far from great. However I don’t expect this will be constructed any time soon…

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