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New Gatineau Hospital - 600 Beds

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A new 600 bed hospital will be built before the end of this decade. It will come with a major restructuring of the entire Outaouais health care system and a net gain of 241 beds. At this time, it's expected that the new hospital will be in Hull or Aylmer. The hospital itself is expected to be $1.42B while the entire reorganization will be $1.54B. 

Here's a recent Le Droit article that gives more detail about the reorganization (for a few of the major hospital) and a breakdown of how the new facility's 600 beds will be used.


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Some more news on the new hospital. The Province is searching for a suitable site to build the new 600 bed facility in Hull or Aylmer and have launched a «avis d’intérêt ou demande d’information» to find a 150,000 square meter property. 

Old Gatineau has now been officially eliminated from the search, and so are any properties under 100,000 square meters. For comparison, the Hull Hospital is on a parcel of land of 73,000 square meters. The site has to be outside an industrial or agricultural zone. 


Based on LeDroit's analysis, Robert-Guertin sits on 51,000 square meters of land, and so would not be suitable. 

The Province could consolidate some industrial land between St. Joseph and the Rapibus, Allumettières and Montclair for a total of 110,000 square meters.


The NCC owns a 341,000 square meter piece of land south of Allumettières where Des Grives would extended. A largely wooded area between two residential developments. A hospital here would be about 500 meters from the Tramway (up to a kilometer along the deepest part of a potential hospital complex). 


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I find the Aylmer (Plateau) option to be a good option. Easy road access, parity with the east and central areas of Gatineau having their own hospital, and a nice large piece of land to do things properly with future possibility to further expand if ever required.

Hoping this is where it gets built.

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