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SkyTrain expansion to North Vancouver

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Translink is exploring ways to expand the SkyTrain network to North Vancouver. Several options are on the table, including but not limited to; splitting the Expo Line at Burrard and loop around Stanley Park, extending the Expo Line east from Waterfront and crossing using a new or existing bridge, extending Canada Line north (which could include a rebuild of the downtown portion) or an entirely new Line that would link-up to Brentwood and Metrotown. 

BC government outlines new SkyTrain to North Shore from Vancouver (MAPS)

More on DailyHive: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/north-shore-rapid-transit-study-skytrain

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Lots of possibilities. Extending Expo east from Waterfront would be an interesting option, although it would also be equally interesting to see it extend at Burrard. The complexities of doing it at Burrard no doubt would be due to the station and lines being stacked and underground so extending this without a decent shutdown may be one of the challenges in that routing. Waterfront is essentially on the surface going east at that point, so it could be connected without causing a big shutdown.

Of course, shutdowns don't necessarily inform or dictate how such a project is designed or chosen but can still have some bearing on it. The option of a new line entirely is a bit confusing as to how that would fit in. If you work downtown, you have to loop around to Metrotown then take the new line back North.

To me the options coloured on the map above in Blue or Yellow seem to be the most interesting, although Green may be the one that makes more sense. It just comes down to the Canada Line currently operating 2 car train sets, and whether that would be enough to carry people from the north to downtown or not. I think this option would require a higher train frequency as the length of the trains seems to be constrained by the station lengths.

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I agree that the extension from Burrard could be quite complicated. I much prefer extending from Waterfront, which is much cheaper, and easier, but also serves an area that needs the investment. 

Presumably, if purple is chosen, yellow could come at a later date. I feel like both would need to be built at the same time to better distribute the loads. 

Everything invested into the Stanley Park portion of the blue option would be wasted. The advantage is serving Capilano Mall and the west side of Van North, but that can also be done by extending yellow or purple in the future. The other advantage is serving the western part of the downtown peninsula, but that could one day be achieved with the Arbutus Line. 

I'm not a fan or the Green option. It would either be a stub that requires a transfer at Waterfront, or need a complete rebuild of the downtown portion of the Canada Line. Ultimately, I don't think Canada could support the extra ridership from Van North overtime. 

My pick would be yellow. 

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