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SkyTrain Station Improvements

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Of all the urban rail systems in Canada, possibly North America, Vancouver has the absolute best record when it comes to improving existing stations. A new entrance at Granville in 2006, the complete rebuild of Main Street–Science World, Joyce-Collingwood and others over the last decade, a third platform at Commercial-Broadway in 2019 to improve connectivity between Expo and Millennium and introduce a semi-Spanish solution, new escalators on Canada Line stations... The investments keep coming. 

Here's another upcoming project at Burrard Station, which includes rebuilding the station entrance, expanding the concourse and adding vertical circulation. 

TransLink planning major redesign and expansion of Burrard Station (RENDERINGS)skytrain burrard station


View full DailyHive article: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/skytrain-burrard-station-new-plaza-capacity-upgrades

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This is really lovely if you ask me. Plenty of natural light, opportunities for landscaping and makes it a park at the same time. I am not personally familiar with the station itself, but it seems to be a really nice upgrade and a design that could be replicated elsewhere without too much difficulty.

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21 hours ago, J.OT13 said:

I love that station. Best of both worlds with a grand entrance at street level and multiple underground connections to adjacent buildings within the light-filled concourse level. 

It's a modern take on what an entrance pavilion should be! Good on Translink to actually invest in improving the stations.


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