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GeoOttawa - Stage 2 Map Updates

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According to geoOttawa, it looks like the track layout at South Keys has changed. There is no longer a center storage track 

I have been advised by the OC Transpo twitter account that GeoOttawa is in the process of being updated and corrected. This would explain some discrepancies we are noticing.

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I don't understand how this part of Line 2 is even going to work anymore. According to the new tracks, any train going South from Bayview will have to wait between Mooney and Walkley until any North-bound trains from Limebank have gone through Walkley + Greenboro + South Keys + the entire length of track up to Leitrim! This is insane...

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It must be an error. Otherwise service may suffer or the stopover at South Keys will be very short for the Airport train. 

The original plan was for the airport train to arrive at South Keys, continue out to the pocket track, wait for the mainline to Limebank to pass through South Keys, then reverse back out to South Keys and depart towards the Airport.

Now there is no pocket track or crossovers. So to service the Airport line, the train must stop at the western South Keys platform for both directions.
Actually looking at it more, the western platform only serves the Airport line going south, and does not connect to the extension to Limebank. So perhaps there isn`t much of an issue after all. Airport line serves the Western platform and the main Trillium Line serves the Eastern platform. Reduces complexity needing to coordinate trains back and forth, so long as the mainline is able to have adequate passing tracks to function at the needed frequency.
For the mainline the next passing track is at Leitrim. So perhaps it will work without issue after all, and reduce the need for the pocket track. This way Platform 1 (eastern) is always Line 2 (Trillium) and Platform 2 (western) is always Airport.
Should the line ever be double tracked in the future, I'm sure the station would get modified with crossovers and a pocket track or whatever infrastructure necessary to have proper service.
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There still is a switch at the halfway point between Greenboro and South Keys for trains to transfer between.

I was speculating earlier:

I was thinking... despite the line not being double tracked, the airport train could continue to Bayview. It would make the switch after leaving the western platform at South Keys and head north, and cross over to the other track at the mid-point between South Keys and Greenboro. Obviously the passing tracks make it that the frequency would need to be carefully watched but the airport train could run right behind or as closely as possible to the mainline train to make its way to Bayview and ultimately use the new second platform. All this is provided that the passing tracks are long enough to accommodate the Flirt and a single LINT with the required spacing between to not leave a train partially in a switch while the mainline was in the station.
Unlikely this would happen but perhaps possible from time to time.

And it wouldn’t disrupt the mainline frequency or service.

So to summarize: If the Mainline northbound Bayview train has the Airport LINT as close as possible riding behind to squeeze through the passing tracks to make its way to Bayview, it wouldn’t conflict with the southbound. It would operate as a direct non stop service between South Keys and Bayview (slowing and stopping) as needed due to the mainline Trillium train directly ahead of it.

Really doubt it would work or be done but an interesting idea to think about.

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