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  1. Thanks David, that makes sense and is consistent with what I've seen so far. I went to a couple retail outlets (Shopper's Drug Mart, Loblaws) that were still open and they exclusively had the black cards. Well I've got a nice little collection now anyway, picked up a black card and I'll retire my green card and get a second "red O" card for my new daily use. These look nice alongside some older paper tickets/transfers.
  2. That's interesting! Well, I guess now I have the opposite goal of trying to track down a green card in good shape.
  3. I bought this card at one of the big red and white ticket machines that are anywhere on line 1 and 2, and that machine gave me the option to add a pass or value to an existing card. If you don't mind bussing from Lincoln Fields to Tunney's, I think you can load funds on your card at the machines there. They have some machines outside all the station entrances/exits to street level.
  4. My daily driver presto card is quite worn and scuffed, so I wanted to buy a shiny new one from one of those ticket machines to add to my collection of transit memorabilia. I was quite surprised when the machine spit out one of the commemorative Ready For Rail cards! I remember hearing about these two years ago, and I thought that they were to be a limited edition to celebrate the opening. Does anyone know if these have become the new normal, or was this ticket machine just a late holdout to still have some in stock? In any case, does anyone know of any machines in Ottawa that currently gi
  5. Shortly before 8:00 this morning, there was an out-of-service train stuck at Platform 2 (the south side) of Tunney's Pasture. The interesting thing to me was that, both in the recorded messages and departure signs, they didn't call them Platform 1 and Platform 2 but rather the Eastbound and Westbound platforms. I just found this interesting because that's of course how it will be once Stage 2 is open, but right now both sides see equal service. I guess they didn't prepare any unique messages for our temporary terminus stations. That being said, the ambassadors in the red vests were
  6. I meant to take a picture when I saw it, but today at Bayview I noticed an announcement about the Trillium Line platform. As of next Wednesday, August 28th, the lower half of Bayview Station will be open, and we will catch the Trillium Line at the new platform from then on. Woohoo!
  7. Thanks Spenc! I've only had time to glance through it so far, but it seems to me that Substantial completion is when (pending testing) the line becomes available for city use (i.e. no major deficiencies), whereas Final completion is when every possible line item in the contract is completed (no minor deficiencies). If I'm understanding that correctly, an opening date would likely fall a month or two after Substantial Completion, needing the time for both the contractors and the City to test it? If that's the case, I'd be curious to see what the projected "final" completion date for P
  8. I'm not sure if this was part of the testing or if there was an error somewhere, but double train 1123-1118 seemed stuck at Bayview headed eastbound this morning. I only stayed for about 10 minutes, but during that time it was just sitting at the platform with its doors closed. At the start, one westbound train did come through and continue on towards Tunney's, but much slower than usual. After that, I didn't see any movement in either direction. I hope it was a deliberate test, although if a restart-at-day-one kind of error happens, this is the week we want to get them out of our system.
  9. Thanks Shane! I really appreciate this whole site. I've been a devout lurker for the last several months, but I finally saw a topic I could contribute to ?
  10. Hi folks. I've been keeping an eye on the new Line 2 names, and I've finally collected the whole set: C4: Northern Lights • Aurore Boréale C5: Nanuq • Polar Bear • Ours Polaire C6: Emily Murphy C7: Portage C8: Capteur de Rêves • Dreamcatcher C9: Rocket Richard
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