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  1. Please, when will Yorkdale become fully accessible?
  2. I’ve heard Pinecrest referred to as Paincrest. As well as Hurdman called Hurtman.
  3. I agree with Saint Jim of Lisgar Street: Pimisi is also my favourite station.
  4. I personally found the mezzanine level of Lyon Station a little confusing / disorienting as all opposite sides appear to be a mirror image of one another. I will need to look at this again to validate my first impression.
  5. Does this mean that all trains and trainsets are now operational on Line 1?
  6. I was on the second revenue service train out of Tunney’s. We pulled out at 1:53 PM EDT to the spontaneous eruption of applause from all in the vehicle. I took it all the way to Blair and then back to Tunney’s. From there I returned east, getting off at every station to familiarize myself with its platform perimeter and other levels where applicable. At uOttawa station I shared a few words of appreciation with Saint Jim of Lisgar Street and thanked Allan Hubley for the above-noted professional courtesy. In total I rode two complete round trips on Confederation Line 1. I exper
  7. Capitalizing on an opening created by Lord O’Brien, whose zero-means-zero pedantry satiated the philistines, Saint Jim of Lisgar Street slew an unholy alliance of rubber-tired, diesel-powered, petroleum-backed, blow-hards, to give the City of Ottawa a light metro disguised as an LRT. But it was on September 14 that Saint Jim of Lisgar Street performed the miracle for which he was canonized. That afternoon, when the sun broke through the rain clouds, he turned non-believers into believers as the Confederation Line 1 ran for its first time in revenue service. That is why Se
  8. Two observations: 1) Can we not also move to trainsets that eliminate the centre cabs? In that way we loose the ability to sever trainsets but also increase capacity. 2) Rather than Carling, I would propose a relief or second east - west alignment that follows Hazeldean / Robertson / Old Richmond / Baseline / Walkley / Innes roads.
  9. Is anyone participating in the friends and family testing today? (Many thanks to Shane for getting me here on ottainfans!)
  10. How many realize that a 1976 Metro plan actually envisaged a Blue Line western extension which included four additional stations west of the current Snowdon terminus through NDG, Montreal West, Ville St. Pierre and potentially even further to Lachine proper as well as a Blue Line extension from the existing St. Michel terminus with seven more stations added to eventually terminate within Montreal North? (see link below with sidebar map). https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rwest/wikispeedia/wpcd/wp/m/Montreal_Metro.htm Clearly such an all-inclusive and conveniently-forgotten configuration of
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