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  1. Hopefully, the proposed tower at Blair Station will come with a major reconfiguration of the north side (Gloucester Centre) entrance. https://obj.ca/article/toronto-based-first-capital-proposes-30-storey-apartment-tower-near-blair-lrt-station Planning Rational: http://webcast.ottawa.ca/plan/All_Image Referencing_Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application_Image Reference_2019-10-02 - Planning Rationale - D02-02-19-0116.PDF
  2. Third session. French only. Version with English subtitles will be released in a few weeks.
  3. I agree. I've always wondered if removing the red piping shelters at Blair's lower level was necessary. Before the pandemic, they were ready to put out a bid for new bus shelters at Blair and Tunney's (and another for new elevators at Blair), but we haven't heard anything on that in a while. More puzzling is Hurdman, the only Stage 1 station that will remain a high volume transfer post-Stage 2. The entire thing was poorly designed, from the curves, to the offset bus loop and the lack of shelters. Having the station come in diagonally, with the bus loop around the station, using the lower
  4. 90 Day Lookahead Tunney's Pasture to Sherbourne Stations November 2021 OVERVIEW The O-Train West Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Stage 2 O-Train Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project. The extension will add over 15 km of new rail and 11 new stations between Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie Drive and to Algonquin Station. The O-Train West
  5. O-Train West Extension: Construction Activities Ward 8 – Iris to Algonquin Stations 60-Day Lookahead - November through December 2021 The O-Train West Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit Project. The extension will add over 15 km of new rail and 11 new stations between Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie Drive and to Algonquin station. It also comprises a light maintenance and storage facility, 10 new bridges, 14 rehabilitate
  6. O-Train East Extension: October Construction Update November 4, 2021 In the east, Highway 174 road and utility relocation work is ongoing to make way within the centre median for LRT infrastructure. Bridge construction is close to completion at the East Rail Flyover Bridge and progressing well on the overpasses at the Montreal Interchange. Blair Road and
  7. J.OT13


    In Watson's budget speech today, the City will "invest to design a future multi-use pedestrian facility" for Trim Station.
  8. J.OT13


    In Watson's budget speech today, the City will fund a study a "VIA Rail-Train Yards multi-use pathway". I assume that would mean a tunnel or pedestrian bridge to connect both sides of the tracks.
  9. Also not a fan of "Rec". Asking for trouble. "Ride the "Wreck"!". The cost of transit projects has skyrocketed over the last 5 years. So much has already been cut from the project, but I bet the bids willstill come in far higher than the current estimate. That said, still worth while. Take any cost overrun out of the Quebec-Levis tunnel. Let's just hope Quebec City elects a municipal government that supports the current project. That "Val" proposal would delay any sort of rail transit another decade and cost twice as much, despite what they say. And of course, that would likely mean
  10. RFQ was supposed to launch this Fall, but nothing yet. I'm afraid it might end up as just another broken promise like electoral reform, pharmacare, single use plastics ban...
  11. J.OT13


    When it comes to station names, this one bother me. Like Carling, Montreal is a major thoroughfare in the City. Although not served by any rapid transit stations at the moment, the name is better associated with Vanier. This is also the point where the street changes name from Montreal to St-Joseph. I think Beacon Hill would have been a better choice. Or Greens Creek.
  12. I was actually on board with the name change. I suggested it well before the City renamed it. My reasoning for the name change was that Carling is already served by two rapid transit stations, with this one and Lincoln Fields. Carling also has various major destinations all the way up and down, so giving one station the "Carling" moniker isn't specific enough. With TOD going up at a fast pace, the hospital, and the Lake itself a destination for tourists and locals (Winterlude, Tulip Festival, summer in general), it brings more prominence to the station and reminds people that transit is a goo
  13. Seems Hurdman and Tunney's would have been better than Rideau and Blair to start with since both are far from any other retail/food options. Might as well wait until January at this point.
  14. Pretty much kills any faint hope we might have had that Ottawa could somehow expand its underground system.
  15. Ottawa Confederation Line Stage 2 progress. East-end. Place d'Orleans, Jeanne d'Arc station and Montreal stations, along with the Gloucester High School overpass (near the current terminus of Blair) are at various stages of visible progress. Partial west-end. Moodie to Lincoln Fields progress. Significant foundation work at Lincoln Fields. Flyovers at split well advanced. Ongoing trench work at Queensview. Steel structure going up at Moodie Yards. Lots of digging everywhere else. Bayshore is the only station with little progress as they want it fully functional as long as
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