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  1. Anyone who's interested in seeing photos of our first six 2020 double deckers, head on over to @Shane's thread titled "Double Decker Bus Order" on the CPTDB forum. 8161-8166 are here (although not on OC premises) and they're in the new livery. Link to thread here: https://cptdb.ca/topic/19678-double-decker-bus-order/page/48/
  2. Nowhere else to post this but 19 new double deckers are coming to Ottawa soon. 8161-8164 are on their way to Ottawa right now and they were on highway 401 coming from the Greater Toronto Area, according to a Twitter post as well as another forum. I'm not sure what specs these have, but these most likely have the Cummins L9 engine instead of the ISL9s. I don't think they are going for a ZF transmission. These new buses will also be in the new livery.
  3. I'm still not a fan of Pimisi for some reason. I get that they wanted it to be a homage to Algonquin leaders because they had requested it, but Lebreton was a better name in my opinion. Parliament station I'm okay with.
  4. Some hybrids were at Thermo King when they were first received, as well as some of the 2009 D60LFs. I would assume they were all there for inspections (considering the sheer number of them) but they didn't really have anything to do with the HVAC systems. In this case, they were serving the same purpose as Greyhound Garage and City View*. City View is actually another garage that does pre-delivery inspections for OC buses. 4601-4682 were all there before coming to St. Laurent.
  5. Thermo King is actually a HVAC manufacturer. They are responsible for fixing the HVAC systems on all OC buses since they all use systems from this company. They have a property where OC buses sometimes go for HVAC repairs. I'm not exactly sure where it's located. Jurassic Park is a bus storage lot specifically meant for retired or dead buses that aren't capable of being put in service. It's at St. Laurent garage. It got its nickname from the 1993 movie of the same name because the buses are said to be "ancient dinosaur buses". Eastway is a bus refurbishing facility located totally ou
  6. I think the RTSs were retired because they had Detroit Diesel S50 engines in them. As no other buses had that engine except for the eight oddball 1996-1997 Nova Classics (which retired in 2013-2014), they were likely retired to simplify maintenance. The 1996-1997 Classics also had severe body rust issues (some were already rebuilt in 2003!) so that was also a factor in their retirement. By contrast, some 1994-1995 Classics had rebuilds done in 2006, and again in 2014 when 9512 and 9519 got the new STO logo applied similar to the ex-Calgary Classics.
  7. There are only five ex-Calgary MCI Classics remaining at STO. 9132, 9136, 9137, 9138, 9225 are all that's left at this point. These buses will likely be gone at the beginning of next year when STO gets 2001-2043 (LFS hybrid). After these get retired, the Classic era will officially end in Gatineau. It has already ended to a certain extent when all original STO MCI and Nova Classics were retired in May 2018.
  8. A few videos I found interesting: https://youtu.be/x9MTPRpn_Ak https://youtu.be/tXIPel5U8lA First one is about health and safety concerns with the Inveros. Long story short, an OC mechanic of 30 years has spoken out and mentioned that the Inveros have a serious steering defect that OC management did not correct. When going over bumps on the road, the steering wheel sometimes shakes so violently that the driver gets their hand injured while trying to regain control. In the event that the driver is unable to keep control, it can cause a serious crash. For example, the 4299 incident back in
  9. So 6405's actually coming back into service, although frankensteined. This 6405 will only have the back half of the bus that is original (from 6405). The entire front half is from 6685. However, this bus retains the original VIN number of 6405. As far as I know, there's no way to tell that this bus was frankensteined unless you know that 6405 has had parts taken from another bus. 6390 and 6677 are still retired. 6685's entire rear half is also retired but the bus has come back into service in a way. 6405 got into a crash and the front was too damaged to fix.
  10. LRT's going to be open on Sept. 14th. Finally! I was starting to think they would keep pushing it back. However, it's also bittersweet news because it means our Orion VII NG hybrids will be taken out in a few months since they're not needed. Get photos while you still can! I always had a soft spot for these buses despite them being my second least favourite out of the buses in service now (absolute least favourite would be the new LFS buses, may change later on as I warm up to them)
  11. As of last Tuesday, 4671 and 4682 (last two LFSs standing) have entered service.
  12. This happened a while ago but I'll post it anyways. Best place to put it. For anyone who wants to know, a few artics caught fire back in late 2018 and were stored at the New Flyer Arnprior facility ever since. They're still there but with their OC Transpo logos covered in black paint as well as fleet numbers. 6390 is whole, but there are separate D60LFR front and rear trailers. 8038 is also sidelined there but is not retired. I do not know what exactly happened, but I assume it's being repaired. 8062 is also there waiting for a repair because it caught fire as well. As of July,
  13. None at the moment have padded seats. All are from the first 4601-4682 batch. As I recall hearing from someone who works at OC Transpo, the next batch ordered (4683-4775) will most likely have padded seats. They are also slated to come starting in November. Note that the existing LFS will not be retrofitted with more seat padding unless either seats needs replacing or they undergo rebuild in the future.
  14. All LFS (from the 4601-4682 batch) are now in service with the exception of 4671 and 4682. 80 Inveros have also been retired to date as these LFSs are their replacements. Edited to make it clearer.
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