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  1. I don't believe the powering down was planned. The broken trains are expected, but not planned.
  2. A number of service interruptions today due to drills, broken trains, and a powered down segment of track. ?
  3. My taxidermist mentioned that he heard that was actually just an unfortunate defect, not uncommon. It was definitely a highly scripted event though. They even did a couple test runs beforehand.
  4. There have not been as many temperature issues lately, but also it hasn't been quite as hot. But issues could have been fixed. The cab doors were part of the mitigation, but they're also held open when the cab door glass is broken or the lock is broken, both of which are quite common. Also maybe some are just open for convenience for the time being.
  5. My dentist's mom's friend's manicurist said that it's possible that on Wednesday, after 3 complete fails, they decided to suspend the 12 days testing and run Sunday service for Thursday and Friday. They may or may not have restarted today. *Shrug*
  6. I don't think it's heat related, I've seen broken glass in every month of the year. But some instances certainly could be.
  7. They also changed the font with the same software update. I don't know why for either case.
  8. I'm not so sure it was vandalism. I've seen them broken in all kinds of locations, most inaccessible to public and some inaccessible to even staff. No way to be sure, but in my opinion it's most likely manufacture/install defect in most cases.
  9. Many of those (a couple dozen at least) have broken throughout the line, not sure the cause. Too bad that one has art on it.
  10. I've only seen them at Blair and Bayview, but they're probably around at a few others. I think they didn't use the bottle filling type because they wouldn't work well when exposed to the elements (also vandalism), but that's just a guess.
  11. Yep, that's pretty much all from the chianello article, which was mostly truthful but taken to mean different things out of context. If rtg keeps up with snow removal, I don't anticipate any significant problems in normal conditions. Maybe a major ice storm could take down some OCS, but the city is shutting down at that point anyway. The trains can take on a fair amount of snow. Even with fresh snow fallen several inches above the rails, with no trains having passed by in hours, a train will do fine as long as it doesn't stop. If it stops it will have to take a run at it. But keep in mind this
  12. As a mnemonic device, I refer to them as river blue, copper patina green, and lion yellow. The colors are pretty close.
  13. As far as I know they want the doors in manual in revenue, with operators manually opening the underground stations (STL and downtown). They've actually changed their minds again and decided they want doors back in auto for now. I'm not sure what the procedure will be at end stations, but most likely manual mode for simplicity and given that there is a long dwell time. In some cases if you open then close the doors, they will no longer be enabled. Also I think if you switch from auto to manual they will stay open anyway.
  14. For a while they wanted the doors in auto until a month or so ago when they decided they wanted them in manual, and opened manually at underground stations. It's just a push of a button to switch modes. Compliance is fairly sporadic.
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