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  1. More small final touches: the outdoor lights are finally up at Tunney's, and the last temporary fencing has been removed.
  2. Yesterday i saw some trains crawling from Tunney's to Bayview, then continuing on Eastward at normal speed. I'd like to think they were testing the ability to get to the next station under their own power, but that's being pretty optimistic.
  3. So far I've picked out what i figure are the most important dates, though i have not yet seen a "Revenue Service Availability Date" listed. East: Substantial Completion Nov. 26, 2024 Final Completion March 14, 2025 West: Substantial Completion May 25, 2025 Final Completion + 2 years of Substantial Completion South: Substantial Completion August 10, 2022 Final Completion + 202 days of Substantial Completion
  4. I've been watching the end station turnarounds at Tunney's the past few months, this seems like the best place to share what I've seen. Turnarounds typically take 2-3 minutes, with trains alternating which platform they go to. Off-peak this usually results in there only being 1 train at the station at a time. At peak times, I've been seeing 1 train will pull in just prior to the other one departing. If you see 2 trains at the station, don't bother going to the one about to leave, you likely won't make it. During testing, the message boards showed train departure times to the 0.5 minu
  5. The clock here ends at 12:00am Friday morning, so the actual day isn't being counted, plus today inclusive gives 19. But realistically i don't know if they can have day 12 on the Friday and achieve RSA on time. Hopefully it goes well.
  6. I've heard the 12 day test is scheduled to start Monday. That gives at most 19 days to get it right. Not much room for error, but so far this is right around the expected timeline, so RTG must be confident they'll succeed.
  7. Mid-late August. I'm assuming substantial completion is denied next week, so I'm guessing a late July handover.
  8. Biggest updates from FEDCO i heard today: *All 13 stations have occupancy permits *RTG has submitted substantial completion. City is not in agreement. It is up to an independent certifier to approve or deny *Once Substantial competition is achieved, 12 day trial runs begin. Once that is done the safety auditor signs off as the final step Minor notes: *The city says the main item preventing substantial completion is several small issues with the trains. Some paper work is also needed. *Derailment last week was due to switch error. Switches in the yard are still man
  9. Sounds like the 6 days they're aiming for right now might be the "practice plan" Manconi has mentioned previously
  10. Reddit user Corvulpes put together this list of train names they've seen 01 Odawa 02 Thomas D’Arcy McGee 03 Eh-Train 04 Emily Carr 07 Louis Riel 08 Jacques Cartier 10 John McCrae 11 Poppy 12 Juno 13 Samuel de Champlain 14 Nathan Cirillo 15 Acadia 16 Canada Goose 17 Gord Downie 21 Snowbird 22 Logdriver 23 Tundra 24 Fox 25 George Brown 26 Agnes Macphail 27 Henrietta Edwards 28 The Mountie 29 Boreal 30 Billy Bishop 31 Totem 32 Maple Taffy
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