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  1. I really like the new look, but I am bias because I also like the LRT look so I think they mix well.
  2. I am putting my money on the 16th, the city has stated multiple times it needs "up" to 4 weeks. I believe they are going to try their hardest to get it out as quickly as possible the weekend of the 16th will really only be 1 full week behind back to school period. We will find out tomorrow # excited I may be trying to get out of work early to go listen to the announcement at city hall.
  3. I also posted in that Reddit thread, I find it very difficult to believe him he brought up two issues the doors and the track buckling. it has not been hot enough for the track to be buckling right now I find that hard to believe. He also gave no new evidence about the doors and I have yet to see a train stuck at a station with it doors open. I called him out.
  4. I want all the rumors to be wrong, I want the RSA on Friday to be met and us riding by mid September. However deep down I don't think it will happen. My new predictions, RSA and hand over to the City September 6th. Open to the public on either September 30th or October 7th.
  5. We must also remember the Trillium Line is still a work in progress and will never be a true rapid transit solution until electrified and double tracked along the whole line. I remember reading 7+plus years ago about a report of the north-south or east-west corridor debate and which would be more beneficial. In theory the north south line was never truly needed as the dedicated BRT line was never truly bottle necked until the downtown core. The Trillium line was a super cheap pilot project that demoed the effectiveness of semi-regional rail, and will remain a pilot project until phas
  6. Great video keep it up, even if we can't ride them yet always fun to watch.
  7. if your dentists's mom's friend's manicurist is correct then they are running out of time for the RSA date of the 16th. If my mathematical math is correct they only have room to screw up once or twice more before they will be unable to make the 16th. Lets hope they pull this together and succeed.
  8. So, deep deep down I want this to be true, I hope RTG is able to complete the 12 days of testing before the 16th of August. However I listened to the Fedco Meeting, and this is purely my speculation I have no inside source or knowledge however I don't think they will be ready. Just by the sound of their voices it felt like they are now just pushing for completion for the sake of telling the public that they completed. I don't understand how they can say they have 100's of items left to be completed however they believe the system has met the substantial completion. I know RTG wi
  9. So now with FEDCO meeting out of the way anyone want to revise their guess, I am still still staying with mid July to mid August.
  10. My guess is late August early September, there is no way they are making July. Hand over of the system will be mid July and city testing will most likely complete Mid-August.
  11. Morning Everyone, I did some Spotting at Tremblay station last night, Sorry it's 6 clips and not one Video didn't have time to edit them into one. Nice to see multiple back to back to back double train units. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1cHwPCLib4&list=PLcZT75UzXpN28aleH4bLXuVNuDuiW4g1h One weird thing I did notice was the lack of east bound trains, I was there from 8:15 to 8:45 and saw 2 east bound trains versus 7 west.
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