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  1. Hey guys, I have noticed that at a lot of places along the line and at many stations, there are additional rails installed, sometimes a few inches from the outer rail, sometimes two rails closer to the centre. What do these additional rails accomplish or do? Do they actually make contact with the wheels and bogies of the trains?
  2. Hello, I have been wondering for a while now. I know in Montreal's Metro, they have a protocol or guideline that forces trains to wait to depart a station until the next station is clear (no train) to receive them. This is to avoid a train having to stop in a tunnel between stations because the station has a broken down train or whatnot. While their system is entirely underground, is there going to be a similar protocol on the Confederation Line. If there isn't there could be some occasions where people holding the doors, for example, could result in a train stopping mid-distance to
  3. Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante once again announced her intentions to continue to press forward with the new Pink Line for the metro. It would stretch diagonally from Lachine , through downtown, to Montreal North. $1 million has been budgeted to launch a project office to study and help push forward this project, which was a major promise in her election campaign. Here's the projected metro map if it was built. Of note, this Pink Line would not have any impact on the expansion of the Blue Line, already moving forward. Here's an article in French on La Presse from October 22nd.
  4. Not completely new news but news from the past 2 months and worth sharing here. As many are aware, the STM had ordered originally 468 Azur metro cars (52 complete trains) to replace the MR-63. As the original contract with Bombardier/Alstom was delayed in delivery by about 2 years, the manufactures agreed to supply an additional 18 Azur metro cars (2 complete trains) for free. This brings the total to 486 metro cars. Earlier this summer, the Quebec government announced it would help fund an additional order of Azur totaling 153 metro cars (17 complete trains). They will be used to of
  5. Charlevoix has some really nice stained glass as you travel down the escalators. Makes for a kaleidoscope effect when the sun is really shining. Plamondon is also interesting with the way the tracks swoop down as the trains leave. You can see them execute a turn as they enter. Hard to explain but very fun to watch.
  6. I think Shane may have been referring to the diamonds just north of Greenboro and just south of Mooney's Bay, the track crossing intersections, which I am also curious about. I always think of those crossings when riding the Trillium Line but never seen any traffic on them, or at least anything that affected my passage on the O-Train. I would think these were mainly freight as I don't think VIA Rail traveled on those spots, but correct me if I am wrong. If the track service is discontinued, could some of these tracks that lead elsewhere be repurposed for future LRT, or at least the c
  7. Personally, I don't have anything against the Confederation Line train paint scheme but it is a bit less exciting than what's on the buses or even the Trillium Line. To me a solid colour is more appealing even than just white. I would assume they would try to blend in the FLIRT trains with the LINTS to make them consistent. Then again they could do the opposite and have 3 paint schemes for the three types of train in service.
  8. I've been to Toronto quite a bit but only ridden the Subway a handful of days so I'm not completely familiar with it by any means. I'm used to Montreal's Metro and even OC Transpo's service as they identify routes from the start point to the end point. In other words, 95 Orleans or 95 Baseline. Same for Montreal, Montmorency or Cote-Vertu. But in Toronto, the names of the lines so to speak don't actually reflect the end points, so a little confused where the names come from... For example, on Line 1, it's called Yonge-University line. Does the name just refer to the general area
  9. What are your favorite stations on the Metro in Montreal and what about them makes them among your favorites? Personally, I really like Snowdon due to the design and layout of being 3 separated parallel tunnels; Cote-des-Neiges because of the cybernetic look and art on the walls and overhead lighting; de la Concorde because of the grass design on the glass and the entrance being encased by a glass dome bubble. Many others that are great but what's most interesting is how each station was designed by a different person, to make clear distinctions and have different styles, layouts and look
  10. A new article on CBC News about RTG not wanting to share their plan on how they will finish the Confederation Line. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/rtg-lrt-plan-watson-councillors-public-accountability-1.4820968 The bottom line as indicated in the article is this... Not sure how this is confidential information, the public is paying for this system and the builder's services. A little presumptuous that they feel the public should be kept in the dark. Good to remember that RTG will not be building the Stage 2 of the Confederation Line. They aren't eligible to bid as per
  11. Not the news I or anyone else want to hear, but if it isn't ready it isn't ready, and there's nothing that we can do about that now other than to hope that things get on track (no pun intended) quickly to get service started as soon as possible. Mr. Manconi does say in a lot of interviews that they will be reviewing the new November 30th RSA date to see if it could work, and that their assessment and projection will be shared in the coming days. Eager to see where we stand, if this changes anything. Still hopeful that we can be riding before 2018 ends. Long shot or not, it's importan
  12. I'm just happy there will be a more pleasant connection to the airport. I've always taken a taxi to go, but with the train, it might be an appealing option. Smoother and more reliable. I read it would be located on the second level, but it's not clear if it would connect to the parking garage and then people could take the walkway, or it would connect directly to the terminal. Or if the terminal would be expanded slightly to take in the train. Either way a structure would have to be built if it ends on the second level. Any ideas?
  13. I'll be following this in the news and by the city hall reporters on twitter. Hoping for some good news. Fingers crossed.
  14. I'm interested to see the noise levels, especially due to the fact that the diesel power unit is in the middle, so the sound levels at the ends of the train should be quite low. The acceleration should also be smooth being entirely electric traction.
  15. Scary that things could go completely sideways with this new proposal or plan. After the original plan from 2008 or whenever was cancelled, it took years to get things going again, and now this, someone else who wants to derail the progress currently being made. I guess what they say is true. There will always be someone unhappy and there will always be someone ready to turn things upside down to appeal to voters votes, regardless of what is really being offered. I like the point above that Shane made, why serve Gatineau? Let Gatineau get their stuff together, it isn't Ottawa's job.
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