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  1. I have lived in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, and other large cities in Canada and I can tell you that the advertisement in the stations and the trains were part of the beat of the city: that's where I could see what shows or movies were playing in town. There were also some local business advertisements, such as restaurants, bars, radio and TV stations, with the faces of those who entertain and inform the city dwellers, etc. I really don't want to contradict you on this because we will have to see what happens after the pandemic. It will be a matter of supply and demand. Poster
  2. Last time I took the train to Hurdman, I was amazed at the size of unused real estate! The underbelly of the station could have multiple retail opportunities, or a larger sized concession. Unfortunately, the additional revenues from commercial activities at the O-Train stations as well as advertisement on train platforms and onboard the trains, won't materialize until the pandemic is behind us, which could still take several months.
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