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  1. I had seen a double train stopped going east just before Bayview on Sunday but it looked like a few guys were about 20 ft ahead of it inspecting something on the side of the track.
  2. I had noticed extensive testing of singles and doubles from my view of Pimisi station. They were even testing on Canada Day!
  3. Spotted this morning looking down at Pimisi. The train at the tunnel entrance was stuck there for a few minutes while the train at the station waited! The stuck train eventually moved and on the right side a double-train rolled in but stopped just like that as opposed to entering all the way into the station.
  4. Yeah was driving westbound on Scott street coming up to Bayview station and I was parallel to a double-linked tram. Clocked it at 60 KM/h exactly as we were approaching City Center then it slowed down as I don't imagine he was about to roll into the station from 60 to 0! ?
  5. They've made great progress on the trains! It was 14/34 only a few weeks ago.
  6. Oh ok. I was basing my knowledge of said plows at both ends from this link: This popped up today on Ottawa Citizen https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/egan-how-winter-ready-is-our-lrt-system-after-snow-plow-misha
  7. So just to continue this topic, I read this earlier: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/snowfall-freezes-lrt-testing-1.5024683 I'm surprised to hear these trains are having so many issues in the cold and snow! I know these were custom built for us but weren't the parent versions battle tested all over North Europe? How did they deal with it?
  8. Was talking with a friend about this a few days ago and I was curious. How do operations continue and maintain consistent service during big snowfalls? Are the rails plowed with a special vehicle or do the trains just run often and keep the train clear? What about the switching systems?
  9. From my window I spotted this down near Pimisi station.. any idea what they are up to? Looks like a giant drill.
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