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  1. Kind of curious they were shipped to NY instead of down the river, any know of any reasoning as to why?
  2. Only problem i have with this, is i'd prefer it to go more south to TD place, have it actually be connected to transit. But that's just me.
  3. With the amount of snow/ice we get here, i'm not to sure that's a good idea. Seems like it'll be a bitch to plow something like that.
  4. until the rapibus corridor is converted, buses will still be crossing, STO has said this before. Mainly the 200, some local Hull buses (don't think they stated which ones) and Tunney's routes (which i think are 18, 28, and 58). Not sure about the 400 though.
  5. They could do it in a way where there's no gap, but that way would require a transfer as well. Time it so that there's a trains that just goes between limebank and southkeys that gets there (or around) when the airport train would get to southkeys from bayview. Obviously the better option in this case would be to keep the mainline of the line be the one without the transfer, since there's a higher projected ridership coming from south of southkey rather than to the west of it.
  6. Until all of gatineau has access to LRT (meaning rapibus is converted) that won't happen. They've already said they'll continue operating the rapibus routes into ottawa (which does reduce the over all # of buses, just not eliminate them completely). Especially with Alymer being the fastest growing part of the city.
  7. I highly doubt STO would be using the MacDonald-Cartier or the Alexandra bridge for Alymer's buses. Especially not just stopping at rideau. The doesn't really server the population that well, and would force a lot of them to transfer onto OC Transpo to get to work downtown. The buses will 100% go down some street (one of the 3 loops the STO has stated, and most likely the Green or Orange one).
  8. Wasn't that because when planning for stage 1, they left to decision on if there would be street running or not for planning of stage 2?
  9. And that's why a lot of people have been saying LIGHT metro. Meaning that's it's a metro like system, but uses light rail tech.
  10. Both Calgary and Edmonton have at grade crossings through their systems (and Calgary is even on street, though on a transit mall, through downtown), Ottawa's is entirely grade separated. And there have been a lot of people already calling it a light metro instead of just simply LRT>
  11. Idk about going to uOttawa, since at the end of the line they'd need to have a place for people to transfer onto buses from. So they might only go as far west as Hurdman, since that has the space for the amount of buses needed. They might deem it to confusing for the general public if they have people transfer onto the buses at Hurdman to go deep downtown, or more west when there's still a line going into a part of downtown.
  12. That's exactly what they will do. It's been very public that the plan is to eventually add another module to the train to get to about 120m in length. That's where part of the 25000ppdph number comes from (along with adding more trains to a degree).
  13. Probably because of mainly timing. Currently each stop has a 12 minute wait between trains. And assuming that doesn't change in any way (higher or lower) then below the split we'd have to wait 24 minutes between trains (or something different if say only one every 3 trains goes to the airport). I think the current plan is to have the airport spur still have that 12 minute frequency to match up with the main line, and time it so that trains get to the station together (since the airport is the end, and depending on how long it takes to get to the airport from south keys, you can have the spur
  14. OC Transpo does have a rail plow/blower for the Confederation line, i remember seeing a tweet about it last winter. And i do believe it'll be a mix of those. Running trains to keep tracks clear (especially during ice storms) and for quick build ups or if they need to stop, and there's build up bring out the rail machine. I know there are parts of the tracks that are heated (like platforms) so i wouldn't be surprised if the switches have heating systems to avoid freezing.
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