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  1. O-Train West Extension: November Construction Update December 3, 2021 In the west, work at the Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility, Queensview, Iris, Lincoln Fields, and Byron Linear Park, and the slurry plant at Rochester Field and the Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) Parkway is ongoing. Cut and cover tunnel construction is ongoing at the Parkway Tunnel. Moodie Interchange, Moodie LRT Station and Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility
  2. Great article and photos David. Thank you for putting all of this together. It is quite a stunning train, and one I am eager to ride once it is in regular service.
  3. O-Train East Extension: November Construction Update December 3, 2021 In the east, Highway 174 road and utility relocation work is ongoing to make way within the centre median for LRT infrastructure. Bridge construction is almost complete at the East Rail Flyover Bridge and Montréal Station. Blair Road and Transitway Roadwork including removal of curbs, widening and traffic signal foundations is ongoing.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I helped you with the pics. Great shots. Looks quite nice and inviting. Does one need a ticket to enter or is it open for all to come see?
  5. I discussed these issues twice with Pat Scrimgeour, once in 2020 and a second time in 2021.
  6. Agreed. Not sure on the additional elevator or stairs at Blair as once Stage 2 East is open, the flow at that station will drop quite considerably, thus rendering it unnecessary. The bus canopy has been discussed several times and nothing has really been announced. Essentially they had discussed a cantilevered section that would hang out to provide some cover from the elements, rather than an enclosed structure, thus not impeding passenger flow. The legacy elevator near the Gloucester Centre Blair station entrance is also supposed to be replaced as either a new single elevator or a twin s
  7. 60 Day Lookahead Pinecrest to Moodie Stations November 2021 MAJOR WORKS LRT Guideway from Pinecrest to Moodie Stations The LRT guideway will run along the existing Transitway corridor, at grade, parallel to the north side of Highway 417. It will be in a trench underneath Pinecrest Road and Moodie Drive and on a bridge over Holly Acres Road. As a result, some existing ramps will have to be ad
  8. Thanks for compiling this @occheetos. The file is extremely large and this definitely makes it easier to follow the reported occurrences on the O-Train, captured by the TSB. For those interested, you can find the full TSB dataset that includes data from January 1983 to 2021 on their site here : https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/stats/rail/data-5.html. They are CSV (Comma separated value) files so you will need to open them in Excel to view and sort them. The OLRT Incidents is pulled from the Occurrence dataset found on the above linked page. Here it is in Excel format. OLRT_Inciden
  9. Memo: Update on Rideau Transit Group return-to-service plan: start of testing https://www.railfans.ca/news/memo-update-on-rideau-transit-group-return-to-service-plan-start-of-testing The purpose of this memo is to confirm that some test trains will begin operating on portions of the system this afternoon. Progress continues to be made towards restoring partial Line 1 service. Under the oversight and ongoing monitoring of the independent rail safety expert, Transportation Research Associates (TRA), RTG technicians have been deployed to the site to perform critical activiti
  10. Memo: Rideau Transit Group proposed full return-to-service, November 29, 2021 https://www.railfans.ca/news/memo-rideau-transit-group-proposed-full-return-to-service The purpose of this memo is to advise the Mayor and Members of Council and the Transit Commission that the Rideau Transit Group (RTG) has informed the City that full-service resumption is anticipated by Monday, November 29, and to provide you with further details on RTG's plan to safely return the O-Train Confederation Line 1 into service following the September 19 derailment. We can advise that significant progress
  11. Frequently asked questions about REM de l’Est’s underground portions Why, after saying for months that an underground route was impossible, are you now announcing a tunnel section? As part of the detailed planning of the project, two studies were conducted to evaluate different route scenarios. The underground scenarios were deemed inviable due to the many critical risks that accumulated. However, an alternative was identified more recently in a second study. This alternative involves burying a portion of the route in a surface tunnel between Jeanne-Mance St
  12. Hoping to see this move forward in a very definitive form as soon as possible. Greatly needed and an important infrastructure project.
  13. I agree. I would love in any case to see Place de Ville finish its decade long renovations, and for there to be a underground concourse connection to Constitution Square and Minto Place. Same for Parliament Station linking in to the World Exchange Plaza (unlikely as the WEP is already under heavy renovation and the parking garage layout underneath).
  14. Shane


    The irony of this station is it is found at the eastern most edge of Montreal Road. Continuing further east it quickly becomes St Joseph Blvd almost immediately on the other side of the station and overpass. They could have called it Canotek station or something even as that is closer than anything else from a technical sense. With the routing of the line, this station really didn't have much room to maneuver to be better positioned, but even having it at the top of the hill by the traffic light would have been better, however doing so would have imposed countless technical hurdles. As th
  15. 90 Day Look Ahead - Sherbourne to Lincoln Fields October 2021 Overview The O-Train West Extension is one of the three major extensions to Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit Project. The extension will add over 15 km of new rail and 11 new stations between Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie Drive and to Algonquin station. It also comprises a maintenance and storage facility, 10 new bridges, 14 rehabilitated bridges and 2 Cut-and-Cover Tunnels.
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