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  1. I don't disagree. Went there yesterday trying to get an Invero on R1 at Blair and they have very good tasting food that doesn't make you feel like crap after eating. That being said it's expensive. I paid roughly $6.50 for an Egg McMuffin and that's not what I wanted (they were out of the chicken wraps, which are $9.75!!). I'm personally not much a coffee guy, but I don't remember items being that expensive at the Baseline or Bayshore Quickies that I ever been to, and they charged a markup on everything given the cost of having a store at a major transit station. Nevermind, HGC doesn't sell th
  2. On that note, with Lincoln opening up in the future... Maybe Gateway or Quickie should get a retail space. Far superior to item selection and needs than HGC will ever be. I just think because OC kicked them out of all their BRT stations and the ones at Lincoln and PDO went bust due to COVID low ridership (Bayshore went bust in 2018, RIP - so many memories of that Station with that store dating back to 2009) that they don't want to buy space to sell goods, because they don't trust the city to not screw over the franchisees with how OC handle shutdowns or not assist in relocating when they want
  3. They're still closed. After Rideau opened, they were supposed to open Tunney's and Hurdman 3 weeks after, but once again, their opening is delayed for unknown reasons. Not sure if they're having staffing issues, because they were suppose to open way before all the closures and derailments, etc.
  4. When they renamed the station in December 2017, they should have renamed it to "Confederation Heights" as opposed to Mooney's Bay. The reason they renamed in my opinion is quite stupid and honestly think who ever proposed the idea of renaming this station was thinking too far ahead of themselves. For those who don't know, Confederation Station was renamed to Mooney's Bay because they think people are stupid enough to confuse the Confederation Line with Confederation Station at the time, so they wisely chose to name the station after an area that it's actually not in... Mooney's Bay... Ot
  5. Dow's Lake. IMO this is probably the most nonsensical renaming that the city did. This I have case in having this opinion than most of the other station names I've complained about. 1. Anyone to takes the O-Train, I would say 99% AREN'T going to Dow's Lake... The vast majority use that Station as a connection to from Bus and Train service on Carling Ave to get to Preston, Bronson and the hospitals. If there was genuine ridership to Dow's lake, then explain why the city cancelled bus service on Prince of Wales with Route 3 all the way back in 2011? Because there wasn't sufficient ridership
  6. Ah, Dominion Station. Opened in November 1999, you're correct on your idea that Dominion station was indeed an afterthought, hence only given the bus shelters as opposed to transitway red shelters (though, they could have constructed red shelters given they had already built new ones for Pleasant Park Station in 1996). Anywho, here's my honest thought on this name post LRT. First off let me get the unpopular politically incorrect opinion out of the way; while this is named after the ward in which it resides, the station is only being named the way it is to virtue signal. My theory is that in t
  7. I thought I'd get my opinion out there, but the naming of some stations on the Line 2 expansion are just odd and make no sense to the common user. Their original proposal of Gladstone makes more sense than what they ended up choosing, "Corso Italia". Starters... Gladstone is on Gladstone... We usually name stations that are directly related to the near by area. Sure, Preston is called "Corso Italia", but the train doesn't actually connect to Preston. If Preston = Corso Italia, then surely enough, when you get out of the station you should be on Preston right? Well no, you're still 200m away fr
  8. It's amazing to think as well that it took until 2006 to get a peak period route in that area connected to downtown without the surcharge, then said peak period route (94 Cumberland/Tunney's Pasture) became a regular Route (94 Tunney's Pasture/Millennium) in 2007!
  9. Nope, not that I know. IDK why they would even want to build a Transitway in between 1 frequent and 1 Local route (Route 25 on Innes and Route 30 on Brian Coburn). Would be pointless to build a Transitway unless they want to create a new route for it. People of Innes and Brian Coburn would not appreciate losing local service, having to walk farther to the new Transitway.
  10. They should have one at Terry Fox so that People from Kanata or Stittsville who need to redeem bus pass vouchers don't have to travel to Rideau to get their stuff done, as it seems the service center at Lincoln will most likely be permanently closed until 2025 or whenever the train starts running. Alternatively, MetroLinx could maybe get off their butt and make physical cards almost a thing of the past by allowing us to use our phones to use our monthly pass, but they're so slow and provide little innovation, that OC is making backdoor deals with the card reader manufacture (S&B) to advanc
  11. Although they had a retail spot constructed, they never did they actually had any retailer be established given the close proximity to Kanata Centrum. Though around that time OC posted tenders for retail spots on the LRT, they also posted spots on the BRT including, Terry Fox. I'll see if I can find that later...Before the Tunney's Pasture arson of 2003, Tunney's Pasture had a Quickie/Gateway, but as mentioned, it was burnt down and never reopened.
  12. Probably on the lower level similar to Hurdman or Blair. I hope they open something like a Quickie/Circle K as opposed to a H.G.C. I could use a cheap hot chocolate instead of paying $3.00 for a small H.C and maybe access to better selection of goods. Gateway/Quickie missed out on an opportunity, but given how they were treated with the 09' Baseline demolition, 2015 Hurdman Closure, and the closing of the Bayshore location in 2017 (I miss that store so much) and then the PDO and Lincoln Closure in 2019, it's no surprise they never bid for a spot on the LRT. Hell, I'm not surprised even Tim Hor
  13. I mean, we're also in APTA but we're not American? lol. I wouldn't call the O-Train a metro by along shot...
  14. Great step in the right direction, but that's a hard pass for me to try out until they can provide some form of P.O.P that I can use for buses that aren't at fare paid zones. Not to mention, full price fare vs what I pay for EquiPass
  15. IMO to improve service, They should create special 85 trips that run between Gatineau and Pimisi, similar to how the 17 runs midday between Lyon and Gatineau. Better yet, instead of making Routes 15, 17 the old "180" for people transferring from Blair or Rideau, they should see if they can just extend some eastbound routes to Gatineau like the 39 or even some Connexion Routes. Atlas, I think OC would never do this today like they did in the past, but certainly what I can say is the current way of they're doing it is not ideal given the problems with the 85 vs the old 44 (and older 8/88) and th
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