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  1. Good Day. Yes, the YOW or Airport station has seemed to disappear, reappear, and disappear again repeatedly. The last disappearance has lasted for some time now, as I think the powers-that-be have decided that since YOW is paying for it (subject to COVID-19), then it forms part of their infrastructure reporting, and not Stage 2 Trillium reporting. The elevated trackage structures remain Stage 2 Trillium, but as they are almost complete now apart from laying rail, there has not been much to report. There have been some appearances since in terms of progress report bits, but not as part of
  2. Good Day. OC-T has stated that all desks are closed, and that only the Shoppers, Loblaws, and Machines are available. "Due to the province wide stay-at-home order, the Rideau Customer Service Centre will be closed starting Thursday, April 8. All other OC Transpo Customer Service Centres remain closed. " Not sure if the machines still spit a receipt - they did last time I used one. BTW, OC-T states : "To make sure you don't lose your discount, call us at least 10 days before the expiration date to renew your Community discount." : FYI. Finally, is your card registerd -
  3. Good Day. Yep...there will most definitely be issues trying to operate both types in the same service. They claim no problem, but ....... I just cannot see it lasting. I can see after a year or two of trying, and the resultant complaints (which they will not address), that they finally announce some kind of -interoperability conflict- or -operational inconsistencies-, and request the acquisition of two additional FLIRTs for Line 2, and move the Lints over to backup and/or advertise expanded service of three trains on Line 4 (which just won't work at all as configured unless they ....
  4. Good Day. There is no extant timeline for a St.Laurent bus loop rebuild. They could not do it at the time of Phase 1 due to the use of the loop as T-way replacement service. As you note, a good time for it would be after the opening of the eastern Phase 2. As for furthur damage........well, they tried to re-seal the joints at the time of Phase 1, but <snort>. It has been leaking to some degree for years, but the Phase 1 conversion exacerbated the leaks big time. No patchwork was going to suffice, but they tried. NoJoy !
  5. Good Day. Yes, the design could be better, but this is what we get for lesser cost and faster construction time when they modified it rather than rebuilding the entire site. Remember that the original plan for Blair had been rail under bus loop - immeasurably better (like St.Laurent, which could easily be fare-paid) but more costly and longer construction and more disruption. It also would have been better for eastward extension - a straight tunnel under Blair Rd. , again like St.Laurent, rather than curvey-curvey. (St.Laurent still needs to have the surface bus loop rebuilt because
  6. Good Day. I have no numbers, but IMHO it would be reasonable to suggest that the frequency could increase CONSIDERABLY, given stations essentially at both ends of the tunnel (Carleton and Dow's Lake). I have to think any restriction would be minimal, especially if you gauntlet track the tunnel, eliminating the failpoint of switches.. FWIW.
  7. Good Day. Yup - single track for quite some time to come. They did do some studies about twinning the tunnel in some manner (around about the previous expansion, when passing tracks were put in to increase frequency of service <<snort>>), but preliminary engineering said that the disruption to the Arboretum would be considerable, including the loss of several unique specimens. And alternatives to a simple twinning were far too expensive for the expansion considerations at that point, so it was pretty much locked in as a single tunnel until the massive shutdown to come for
  8. Good Day. City has posted a slightly more comprehensive description of work on the Dow's Lake Tunnel specifically : Project Spotlight: Upgrades for the Dows Lake Trillium Line Tunnel https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/major-projects/stage-2-light-rail-transit-project/project-updates#project-spotlight-upgrades-dows-lake-trillium-line-tunnel EnJoy!
  9. Good Day. A thought.... it may have had something to do with needing access to the mechanisms during all the door problems and difficulties, and now that this has been 'cured', they are finally installing the covers that were meant to have been there all along ??? FWIW.
  10. Good Day. Yes, it has always been planned as a RoW-separated T-way. That is also why and along with the push from time-to-time to get it built as rail straight off, rather than BRT and then convert. We'll see what happens with that - I expect not much. It will be a far future Stage 4 or 5. EnJoy!
  11. Good Day. Yes, I get them for the most part, but...... only after much effort and signing up more than three full tiimes and several item specific times. I still do not get all the ones I 'signed up' for. And do not bother trying their 'edit preferences' option...... you get nowhere fast. Overall, I have always had many problems with City website. Searching is virtually impossible. <sheesh> Edit : If you are still getting no joy, then the City website has an archive page of all the messages and notices : https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/
  12. Good Day. I like it. The exposed guts always struck me as 'unfinished'. And it -should- help keep the howling snow and rain out of the guts. I hope ! EnJoy!
  13. Good Day. Yep....AFAIK TenthLine has always been and still is in the books. Jasmine/Gloucester should still be IMO, but I too have a hard time envisioning a location for it now. If it takes over the pocket track, then maybe, but that is on the west side of the flyover and too close to Blair....... the station should be on the east side of the flyover...... so.........a lotta shoehorn fitting to be done......... ouch ! As for OTC - I truely believe that it was a political sop to keep somebody off the record. It only makes sense for the politicians and civilservants at OTC. It is
  14. Good Day. Hate to disappoint you all, but...... That spiral ramp between the 2 escalators has been there for a VERY LONG time. It always has been a ramp, and was spiral one loop around the central open space (which was in this last year filled in with the double sided, two floor shuttle elevator). I have no time frame since I have been taking trains from there for a long time and did not find it necessary to note its presence especially (I've been here since 1978). It was there for people who had large luggage that were not supposed to take the escalators. If you take a close lo
  15. PHrenetic


    Good Day. I worked for many years at CDH, and when asked, PWGSC (the owner) repeatedly answered with variations on security problems, legal liability problems, jurisdiction problems, unfair to our vendors and shoppes, etc., to the effect of - it's never going to happen. Personally, I believe (with no evidence except observation) that a small tunnel already exists across Kent between the Hotel and CDH, behind closed unlabeled plain locked inconspicuous doors off small out-of-the-way corridors (behind the hotel elevators and staircase and the CDH west washrooms), for use by Security an
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