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  1. I bring you nothing but rocks. Looks like blasting for the west side of the platform is about to begin soon.
  2. While the outside temperature did not reach 35C, the temperature of the tracks in the blazing sun will be much higher. I think that's the real reason why we have the slow order
  3. All great points Shane, one last thing I'd like to add is that rail mass transit is new to Ottawa and it shows. A lot of users get upset or ask questions that are obvious to anyone who's lived in Toronto or Montreal (exemple : why doesn't it run all night?) This makes it even more important to communicate well with customers.
  4. 24th of June, 2 pictures and 1 video VID_20200624_154616.mp4
  5. Due to delays and breakdowns especially during winter operations people in Ottawa have become extremely skeptical, negative, upset and angry towards any announcements of maintenance or normal operations slowdown. I can't really blame the average rider but the anger has spread to any announcements. Like you said slowdowns in extreme heat are a normal thing on rail across the world. What I do think would help is if OC transpo had a much better communication instead of just tweets. (A link to of transpo website explaining would help) The speed restrictions from go trains are very well
  6. Picture taken on the 19th, there was a lot less blastings this week. Future station is just rubbles right now.
  7. Gjd353


    Pictures taken on the 14th of June, in order -facing north -facing south -down a path facing the bridge north -down the path facing south. Overall not very easy to understand where the station will actually be, nothing seem to actually be happening under the bridge and the staging area seen the last picture seems to be where the actual station will be. The renders seems kind of off for this station
  8. Time for my weekly updates! 1. 8th of june, tarp on the other side of the "track". Workers have laid down these mats composed of old tires to allow access for the excavator. The machine on the right is digging holes to blast the rock to carve out the future station 2. 9th of June, technically not related but right behind Gladstone workers are preparing the 417 bridge replacement. 3. 10th of June, we're blasting! Those rubber mats are also used to contain explosions. 4. 12th of June, lots of progress on the blasting VID_20200610_154021~2.mp4 VID_20200610_1540
  9. I think I can make it to wakley station by bike, maybe I'll take a few pictures this weekend Cheers and feel free to upload pictures on the website ???? We got tarp!
  10. In order 10MAY2020 -rail is already gone at Gladstone facing north -Trees are shaved and visible scaffolding 20MAY2020 - machinery removing tracks facing north - work on the 417 replacement bridge facing north 28MAY2020 - digging on the est side of the station -More digging -More digging 29MAY2020 - trench on the side is visible 02JUN2020 - More digging 03JUN2020 -from hickory bridge facing north towards future Gladstone station, site of 417 Bridge replacement is VERY busy. The actual rail trench is completely bloc
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