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  1. Antoine


    Hey anyone else noticed that Airport Station seems to have vanished from the city's website? https://ottawa.ca/en/planning-development-and-construction/major-projects/stage-2-light-rail-transit-project/o-train-south-extension#airport-station
  2. Actually being one of these people, and all my friends and family being these people, I can tell you we would love to have this Transitway. It would cut at least 25minutes from any trips to downtown, and that's without counting the wait time for all the current highly unreliable bus services. Pros: - relieve traffic on Innes - remove dependency on highly unreliable local service, only providing a connection to Place d'Orleans. - provide a faster direct route to downtown - provide a faster route than Innes to RioCan shopping district - provide a higher bus frequenc
  3. Any news on the Cumberland Transitway? I get annoyed that it shows up on GeoBetaOttawa as an existing transitway...
  4. After reading the "Spaces" section, although I think some aspects aren't necessary, the whole project makes more sense. Thanks for the info
  5. This is cool and all, but honestly are there studies or something that actually shows a demand for a central library, especially in 2021 and the post-covid world? Out of the million people living in Ottawa, how many actually go to libraries nowdays? I'm not sure it's high enough to justify this new building, unless they are planning on closing smaller libraries?
  6. I'm surprised they added this new layout on GeoOttawa, considering that the one for Tunney's Pasture is still the pre-confederation line layout haha...
  7. Lincoln Fields mystery question for you all: Does anyone know why GeoOttawa have the following layout for the transitway roads at lincoln fields? Is this some kind of ancient Lincoln Fields rejected station layout? Or is this the updated Stage 2 bus loop layout?
  8. Hey! It would be nice to have a longer list of "recent posts" in the forums on the right-hand side, just a thought
  9. Follow up version to the follow up version ready
  10. Anyone know why they haven't fully opened the Chapman Mills transitway yet? Are they waiting for stage 3 in +10 years to open the remaining stretch and stations?
  11. Looks like South Keys is back being a pink platform :o Just yesterday it looked like this
  12. I don't understand how this part of Line 2 is even going to work anymore. According to the new tracks, any train going South from Bayview will have to wait between Mooney and Walkley until any North-bound trains from Limebank have gone through Walkley + Greenboro + South Keys + the entire length of track up to Leitrim! This is insane...
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