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  1. Good news! We have now almost reached a full week without any issues (153 hours as of now to be precise). Considering that at this point last week it seemed like the whole thing was falling apart, it's great to hear this. It seems like JBA really did a good job finding and fixing the issues. However, there hasn't been any big test, so let's see how the trains will perform tomorrow and Friday, when periods of snowfall are expected. Hoping there won't be any issues, and if there are that it will be an opportunity for JBA to figure out exactly what they are and how to fix them long-term. The mont
  2. @Shane It's great to see the detailed update, it will definitely be helpful for tomorrow morning. It seems like they have managed to put in place a plan that will minimize the issues during the commute. For the afternoon, how come the Tunney's buses don't start on the Mackenzie King bridge? And also, how come the eastbound buses start at Albert/O'Connor and not on Slater?
  3. This new information is actually quite worrying... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/snc-lavalin-technical-evaluation-1.5438697 https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1884616 The fact that TransitNext/SNC somehow managed to win the bid despite not even meeting the 70% requirement and missing several key points from the bid (snow clearing strategies, train control system, etc.) is highly questionable. Yes, they had the lowest financial score, but is that really the most important criteria? Obviously, everyone would like the project to be as inexpensive as possible, but not to
  4. Wow, that will really be a good opportunity for you! Good luck! Here are some questions that I can think of: For Jim Watson: What have been the main effects of the Confederation Line on Ottawa as a city since its opening? What are you expecting stage 2 to bring to the city? For Michael Morgan: Is there any plan for a park&ride at Moodie station? The current design doesn't seem to include one, but it would be more efficient for most park&ride users in Kanata to park there directly rather than have to park at Eagleson and take a bus to Moodie. How a
  5. So this past week has been the week with the best overall service since the Confederation Line went in service, according to the presentation today at the Transit Commission meeting (including the 3 weeks of parallel bus service as well.) So we're definitely on the right track. Breakdowns have been happening way less, and when they do happen the rail operators and technicians seem to be able to fix it quickly. Hopefully, they will be minimised even further once they figure out what exactly is causing the technical errors. One thing that I've noticed recently is, every delay that has
  6. Ok, so they are planning to double track it! Thanks for the information. That's definitely good news, since it will allow for more flexible planning in the future in the case that they do decide to double-track the whole line. So just to clarify, it will be double-tracked from Bayview to Gladstone, single-tracked from Gladstone to Leitrim and Double-tracked from Leitrim to Limebank?
  7. So I know that they're not planning to double-track what already exists of the line, since that would be too expensive and not necessary for now. But wouldn't it be good to double-track all of the new part that is being built? Since it is being built right now, it would be the best moment to do it as opposed to, for example, after 2031 when that part of the track would already be in operation and therefore adding a second track would disrupt the service. Even though the current capacity needs are met with the single track line, there is a very real possibility that after the city has gro
  8. @Shane Hmm, okay, thanks! I have an idea of the location for all three now... I'll have to go confirm it soon! ?
  9. Haven't really had the chance to ride the O-Train recently, but I accomplished some of the objectives and have a plan for a few others. The 3 that are still eluding me are the Ottawa Skyline track dividers, Mucho Burrito and the 1 minute 10 seconds escalator. (I have a suspicion about which one that is, but it's just a guess that will have to be tested.) Could I have a hint about those? (no spoilers though! ?)
  10. Are you referring to an overpass that has recently been made? If not, you're most likely referring to the Queensway bridge, which crosses the Trillium line just south of Gladstone. If it's something new, then I'm not sure as I haven't ridden the Trillium line in a while, but I'm guessing it would most likely be construction-related since Gladstone is one of the new stations being built.
  11. I noticed that as well yesterday, the train slowed down from Rideau to uOttawa. Not sure what's the cause. Didn't see if it happened from Tremblay to St-Laurent, since I got off at Tremblay. Also, another thing I noticed is after leaving Hurdman station towards Tremblay, the train seems to be grinding on the tracks - not sure if that makes sense but it seems less smooth than the rest of the trip. I noticed this on opening day as well and a few other times since. Did anyone else notice this? Any ideas on why? To finish, a funny LRT-related story that happened yesterday: I was with a frien
  12. Now that I think of it, you're right, Hunt Club is probably too far south (and doesn't have enough people living next to it) to have a real demand for an East-West line. About Barrhaven, that's an interesting alignment, but it would depend on the availability of the VIA tracks to incorporate into our system. If they can figure that out, it would definitely worth exploring that alignment, since it would offer another option for people in the South-East who don't live close enough to either Line 1 or Line 2. I think Barrhaven residents would still prefer the current stage 3 plan, however,
  13. @DavidBellerive Interesting points! Looking at the map Occheetos provided above, I'd suggest maybe having a line that goes along Hunt Club? Let's say it would start in its East end (Hawthorne/Greenboro) and follow Hunt Club westbound, serving the airport area, the riverside area, the merivale area (Nepean Industrial area), before meeting with Line 1's Phase 3 at Woodroffe. After that, it could either end there, or continue to Kanata and maybe end at Hazeldean? I'm not sure how feasible this would be, or if the demand would be high enough for that alignment, but it would be an interesting
  14. I was out working on the checklists today... Visited a couple stations for the first time. I got a chance to explore Pimisi station and the area around it, it's quite nice! The secret plaza beside it is a great place to relax and watch for trains coming and going, and I discovered that the pathway going east from the station connects with the Fleet street water plant and the kayaking area as well. The station's architecture and artwork is really nice as well! Two questions: There is a big construction project on the Parkway, is that linked to Stage 2? And about the different t
  15. A train was reported immobilized at uOttawa station this morning. No mention of the cause yet as far as I know. As Herlsone mentioned above, how come the delays always take place during the morning rush hour? (Today it was around 9:30, a little after rush hour but still counts?) There's only been one or two total afternoon rush hour delays, but other than those nearly all of them have been between 7 and 10 AM. Also, Ken Woods just posted an explanation about the single-track system, which happens when a train is immobilized on one of the tracks. He also posted a detailed explanatio
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