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  1. https://apple.news/A_DPKwHNGQaOZxDtE4rd7dQ And now the cameras are unreliable. I must say I’m used to hearing the whistles when I travel by train in the UK. As you say Shane they are all start up glitches. A few years from now we’ll wonder what the fuss was about.
  2. I’m really disappointed with the performance or should I say non performance or the system so far. I had high hopes and remained optimistic during the initial hiccups but it appears that RTM is incapable of making life better for commuters. It seems lots of people are losing faith and either taking a vehicle to work or car sharing. My daughter who works close to the Parliament station and lives in Barrhaven would be a great candidate for the train however she has a daycare deadline to meet and has to be on time for work. She just can’t rely on the service. She takes her SUV to work everyday an
  3. Interesting proposal by someone on Reddit showing the possible system by 2040
  4. Drove to the airport yesterday on the Parkway and noted some great progress on the overpass for LRT Airport spur. There was one column in place on the west side of the road and looked like pouring was starting on East side. I hope they are taking into account any plan to widen the Parkway in future and making the bridge accordingly. Anyone know the plan with that regard?
  5. First time riding in morning rush hour today. Got the Trillium Line from Mooney’s Bay to Bayview at around 830am. Pretty crowded until Carleton but everything running smoothly. Transferred at Bayview to Confederation Line and within a minute of arriving at platform an eastbound train pulled in. Packed train had to stand but the new hand grips were installed so no problem. Got off at Lyon. Return trip around 1030 I embarked at Lyon and transferred to the 90 bus at Hurdman. Very smooth and fast. People seem to be getting it to stand to the right on the escalators and people walk up o
  6. I don’t really think a Central Line would render Trillium Line obsolete. People connecting out to Tunneys and then eventually to the West end would likely still connect through Bayview. But it would also take some pressure off Bayview so that maybe the line could be extended over to Gatineau. At the moment the city is poo pooing the idea of using the POW bridge because capacity at Bayview is not there.
  7. i like the Central Line idea but would it make sense to run it out to hook with the Trillium line at Walkley and go out to the airport? That way there would be a single line all the way to Parliament station. You could still transfer at South Keys to the line going to Bayview if say you were a Carleton student flying in to go to school etc. Just a thought.
  8. I was surprised too that they aren’t connecting the train and bus stations. By the looks of the plan you have to exit one station and walk along Walkley in order to enter the other station.
  9. We’re going to have the same issue with Gladstone Station and Walkley Station. They are both long streets that may confuse folks. I agree the Carling station should be changed to Dow’s Lake. If the new hospital ever gets built they may have to change it again.
  10. Arrived at Hurdman this morning (Sunday) at 750 and the gates were closed. Every one milling around with no clue what to do. Finally a maintenance guy arrives and says “computer glitch I”m going in to manually open the gate.” When we got up to the platform none of the electronic signs were working telling you when next train was. Got on the train and the electronic voice was not on to tell you next station was not working. We arrived at Lees station and the train paused...than all the signage started working including the warnings about doors open and doors closed. Sounds like the computers we
  11. When i took the bus at rush hour and noticed crowding by doors but space in the bus itself I would push past the ignoramuses in the doorway. Got dirty looks but they all knew they were wrong. If I ever ride the train at rush hour I’ll do the same. Last Friday morning at 11 or so the operator had to announce at uOttawa “use all the doors to enter the train” as students were all trying to get in the door closest to the entrance way. Why can’t people use their heads???
  12. I agree that east/west will make sense next after phase 3. How about Carling as mentioned and perhaps another tunnel underneath the Glebe and come at Hurdman eventually. Baseline makes sense too and I think that line should go out through Bells corners and link up with Hazeldean to the east and continue down Heron in the east and cut over to Innes along St Laurent and then continue all the way out to Trim in the east. The key is to keep planning and building and don’t let the naysayers kill further expansion again.
  13. More door issues and a jammed switch this morning.
  14. I agree. It’s just a no brainer that after buying a train bridge over 10 years ago that we use it as a train bridge. It seems like poor planning by the City of Ottawa once again.
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