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  1. 2030 full city connection even into Hull and Gatineau...it will be nice
  2. Finally had an opportunity to see this station for myself yesterday...gorgeous and way better than the old busing underground days
  3. Hello everyone, I thought that since I have seen people post videos while taking the Otrain, why not have a thread where we can highlight and share each others vids! Here is my Vlog from The Angry Ranter Vlogs where I took the train on September 15th, the morning after it opened! Share your videos below and check out mine!
  4. ML1996


    Subbed! (The Angry Ranter Vlogs) and I have also done a Vlog on the Train!
  5. ML1996


    Needs a bit of an aesthetic upgrade when they redo line 2 for the expansion from 2020-2023, but it serves its purpose i must say!
  6. A zoo...90 percent of the time, well laid out, but i get pissed with people complaining about it all of the time!
  7. ML1996


    Love how quick and easy it is to get from one line to the other with this station connection. As a Carleton student...it is appreciated!
  8. ML1996


    I have yet to ride the long escalator, but i cannot wait to do it!
  9. ML1996


    Imagine if the Sens arena ACTUALLY got moved to Lebreton Flats like they SAID IT WOULD???
  10. Love the cleanliness of Parliament Station (for now haha)
  11. ML1996


    I do not fully disagree, and since Lyon is my main station for getting off and on with work, I can admit seeing it from that perspective makes sense. I do love it and how clean it is laid out nonetheless
  12. ML1996


    Seen this station...very much cleaned up from 2015 when I used to bus to and from here to visit my Ex.
  13. ML1996


    I have to say, as someone who works overnights in Centertown, and lives in Kanata, having Hurdman accessable for me, by just taking the eastbound train and catching an 88 has been quite the eye opening experience. I never before would EVER have said the 88 is my best bus...legit...it beats out the 61 now!
  14. ML1996


    I honestly never even knew this was a bus station let alone a train station till the train was put in, very nice job they have done keeping these close in render to reality!
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