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  2. O-Train West Extension: November Construction Update December 3, 2021 In the west, work at the Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility, Queensview, Iris, Lincoln Fields, and Byron Linear Park, and the slurry plant at Rochester Field and the Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) Parkway is ongoing. Cut and cover tunnel construction is ongoing at the Parkway Tunnel. Moodie Interchange, Moodie LRT Station and Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility
  3. Great article and photos David. Thank you for putting all of this together. It is quite a stunning train, and one I am eager to ride once it is in regular service.
  4. O-Train East Extension: November Construction Update December 3, 2021 In the east, Highway 174 road and utility relocation work is ongoing to make way within the centre median for LRT infrastructure. Bridge construction is almost complete at the East Rail Flyover Bridge and Montréal Station. Blair Road and Transitway Roadwork including removal of curbs, widening and traffic signal foundations is ongoing.
  5. I have lived in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, and other large cities in Canada and I can tell you that the advertisement in the stations and the trains were part of the beat of the city: that's where I could see what shows or movies were playing in town. There were also some local business advertisements, such as restaurants, bars, radio and TV stations, with the faces of those who entertain and inform the city dwellers, etc. I really don't want to contradict you on this because we will have to see what happens after the pandemic. It will be a matter of supply and demand. Poster
  6. See, I don't think there is that much profit to be made with having advertising onboard the trains, or at the stations. I would be curious how much money it actually brings it for OC Transpo. I personally really enjoy the "advert free" look of the stations and trains. I know the report for that was reviewed by council, and I think the final decision was to allow adverts, but I doubt many are interested in creating additional advertising spaces when they seem to have difficulty filling existing ones.
  7. Well here they are! The first trainset of the new Corridor fleet! Here is the article on the subject along with a lot of photos. A First Look at VIA Rail Canada’s New Fleet - Siemens SC-42 - Rail Fans Canada Feel free to add if you have any comment or questions regarding the new sets! Overall, really happy with them, they are going to be a huge improvement versus the existing cars and locomotives used in the Corridor.
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  9. Last time I took the train to Hurdman, I was amazed at the size of unused real estate! The underbelly of the station could have multiple retail opportunities, or a larger sized concession. Unfortunately, the additional revenues from commercial activities at the O-Train stations as well as advertisement on train platforms and onboard the trains, won't materialize until the pandemic is behind us, which could still take several months.
  10. I really hope so. The current entrance is far from great. However I don’t expect this will be constructed any time soon…
  11. Hopefully, the proposed tower at Blair Station will come with a major reconfiguration of the north side (Gloucester Centre) entrance. https://obj.ca/article/toronto-based-first-capital-proposes-30-storey-apartment-tower-near-blair-lrt-station Planning Rational: http://webcast.ottawa.ca/plan/All_Image Referencing_Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application_Image Reference_2019-10-02 - Planning Rationale - D02-02-19-0116.PDF
  12. It really needs to be shovel in the ground ASAP. It's really about time to have somewhat modern and frequent rail service in the Corridor, it's been way too much talking and not enough action.
  13. I agree with all the points brought up here. Blair station I can understand the bus loop was a "secondary priority" given the line was gonna be extended, but Hurdman, it is still ridiculous how that bus loop was planned and designed. It just makes no sense, regardless of the time of the day! Clearly not enough covered areas to hide from the snow and rain, and anyway you'll likely have to walk a long distance to your stop! Blair needs those canopies as soon as possible, it is really shameful given how the station will not see much reconfiguration following Stage 2. Same thing with the seco
  14. You'll need a business ticket to enter, or Via Preference Premier on a Economy Plus ticket (2k spending or more per qualification year and 8 segments minimum), though "depending on the time", you might be able to slip in if, let's say, the attendant is away for a bit. Though they used to go around and check tickets once they came back. I haven't had the chance to go in it yet, but MY GOD IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Bright, modern, ample sitting space, loads of texture and various materials. I can't wait for my next trip in February. Thanks Bob for sharing them with us! Also regarding food and be
  15. I'm excited to see HFR happen. It looks like the first pre-procurement RFP was issued on September 8th so that's something. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to send the project out to bidders and start getting it built. It's about time for Canada to have an electrified inter-city railway. https://www.merx.com/canadianinfrastructurebank/solicitations/Public-Consultation-Services-for-the-VIA-High-Frequency-Rail-HFR-Project/0000182905
  16. I know I am being picky here but would it be possible to fix the caption on the snapshot from Nov. 17 of the LRV that was spotted on its way to Ottawa. The caption says it is LRV #1156 when it is #1157 shown in the picture.
  17. Third session. French only. Version with English subtitles will be released in a few weeks.
  18. Thanks for sharing. I helped you with the pics. Great shots. Looks quite nice and inviting. Does one need a ticket to enter or is it open for all to come see?
  19. Cross posting from the SkyscraperPage forum (edit: took out the image links, they didn't seem to work): The renovated lounge is open - really like the simple, modern look. It ties very well with the '60s International Style of the station overall. Much much larger overall than before, and especially feels so now that there's natural light. Same amenities as the old one, minus the newspapers and magazines (because COVID), and the cute little business centre with the vintage desktop and printer. I thought there was going to be a by-the-glass wine station, but all they
  20. I discussed these issues twice with Pat Scrimgeour, once in 2020 and a second time in 2021.
  21. Agreed. Not sure on the additional elevator or stairs at Blair as once Stage 2 East is open, the flow at that station will drop quite considerably, thus rendering it unnecessary. The bus canopy has been discussed several times and nothing has really been announced. Essentially they had discussed a cantilevered section that would hang out to provide some cover from the elements, rather than an enclosed structure, thus not impeding passenger flow. The legacy elevator near the Gloucester Centre Blair station entrance is also supposed to be replaced as either a new single elevator or a twin s
  22. I agree. I've always wondered if removing the red piping shelters at Blair's lower level was necessary. Before the pandemic, they were ready to put out a bid for new bus shelters at Blair and Tunney's (and another for new elevators at Blair), but we haven't heard anything on that in a while. More puzzling is Hurdman, the only Stage 1 station that will remain a high volume transfer post-Stage 2. The entire thing was poorly designed, from the curves, to the offset bus loop and the lack of shelters. Having the station come in diagonally, with the bus loop around the station, using the lower
  23. I've been meaning t pop this question to the authorities designing and following the termination of this project. Is it that absolutely none involved realized the bus shelters that come with every new station are few, small and extremely crowded? Hw is it that such a big issue has been completely forgotten and not noticed before? I could see since day 1 that all transit users coming from the train have to basically wait many minutes under very harsh conditions (cold pouring rain, temperatures between -1 to -28 C, etc.). Why the bus shelters were not part of larger structures? It's
  24. Hi everyone, Here is another "train" video I recently recorded. The train in question is on the Yurikamome Line that travels around downtown Tokyo through and around Tokyo Bay. To be more accurate the train is actually an automated guideway transit that runs on wheels, but it is usually mistaken for a monorail. Yurikamome Line Video (Tokyo Bay & Odaiba area)
  25. 60 Day Lookahead Pinecrest to Moodie Stations November 2021 MAJOR WORKS LRT Guideway from Pinecrest to Moodie Stations The LRT guideway will run along the existing Transitway corridor, at grade, parallel to the north side of Highway 417. It will be in a trench underneath Pinecrest Road and Moodie Drive and on a bridge over Holly Acres Road. As a result, some existing ramps will have to be ad
  26. Partial LRT service set to resume Friday, 54 days after derailment
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