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San Francisco's Cable Cars

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The San Francisco Cable Cars impress me greatly. It is incredible that they have several lines running in all directions, which are powered from the one and only Wheel House (motor room). The photography of this facility is truly eye-opening and impressive at all levels.

What I have always wondered and never found a good answer on is when the cables need to be replaced, how is that done? They run in grooves along the streets to fairly great distances. No doubt a big undertaking.

Has anyone here ever rode them?

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When I lived in San Francisco in the 1990s I took the California St. car frequently. The entire system was shut down in the early 90s for a rebuild. Buses substituted during this period for the cable cars. If a cable break were to happen the various lines can be separated from one another so that one line can be shut and the cable repaired. It's a big undertaking but they don't have the awful weather Ottawa has during winter so repairs can happen year-round easily enough if needed

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