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Canadian Car and Foundry

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Of all Canadian Car and Foundry buses used by the Ottawa Transportation Commission, I was able to find out the following:

300 (IC-41 from 1946) and 2001-2010 (T-48As from 1951) were retired in 1959.

223-226 and 228-232 (C-36s from 1948) were retired in 1965.

227 (Ex-Brantford Transit C-36A from 1950, previously numbered 501); bought in 1953, was retired in 1961.

5701-5715 (CD-52s from 1957) were retired in 1970.

The remaining buses from the same company listed below, with no known year of retirement:

242-247 (C-36s from 1950)

248-267 (C-44As from 1952)

268-271 (C-44As from 1953)

272-285 (C-44As from 1954)


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