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We would like your help to build Metro Fans, SkyTrain Fans and Subway Fans!

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We would like your help to build Metro Fans, SkyTrain Fans and Subway Fans!

Our original site, O-Train Fans has been going strong for over 2 years time and we are now expanding to Montreal (Metro Fans), Vancouver (SkyTrain Fans) and Toronto (Subway Fans) and would like your help. We are looking for passionate volunteer contributors to help snap photos and write informational pages on the trains and stations. 

Whether you want to help by contributing one train or station, several or many, your time and effort helps us build our sites, filled with information for transit and enthusiasts as well as the general public.

If you would like to join and help contribute, please reach out to us by sending an email to media@railfans.ca. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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We would like your help to build Metro Fans, SkyTrain Fans and Subway Fans! Our original site, O-Train Fans has been going strong for over 2 years time and we are now expanding to Montreal (Metro

For Vancouver, there's Kenneth Chan's excellent blog, daily hive, really worth having a look   https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/broadway-city-hall-station-future-interchange

Thanks @TransitDaddy I will take a look. 

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Discussions on buses can take place in the respective categories on the forums (ie. OC Transpo / STO, STM, TransLink or TTC).

The sites themselves are aimed towards Rail and at this time, there is not a plan for comparable coverage on buses. Not to say there will never be special features or videos for bus from time to time, but I think that it would be rare.

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There has been some questions (asked elsewhere) and I would like to take a moment to clarify an important point regarding O-Train fans and the new sites that are planned to launch.

Metro Fans will definitely go ahead. The Toronto and Vancouver sites are very much dependent on getting enough interest from people to help contribute both text and photos, as being from Ottawa, I am not in a position physically to be able to cover them as I have done here.

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There are quite a few Vancouver focused YouTube channels (transit and urban issues). A few of those also cover Toronto in part. It might be worth connecting with them to gauge interest. 

  • RMTransit
  • T2P Films
  • MetroElfren
  • About Here
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No confirmed volunteers yet for but I do go to Montreal so often and my time on the Metro probably equals that on the O-Train so with or without volunteers I would still build Metro Fans... it may just take longer, and right now with the Covid...

Overall, there has already been some people voicing interest in contributing for all three sites so far, which is great.

But I will check those two people out! Thanks for the heads up.


Favorite station no less!

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I found some more TTC subway station layouts, showing cross-sections of accessible entrances, part of the program to make TTC stations more accessible:



And links to a few more here:


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Thanks for sharing this. 

The detail is still relatively limited in comparison to what is available in Ottawa and Montreal, so the map will be excluded for the Toronto Subway and the Vancouver SkyTrain station pages, as they are not consistently available or of a high enough quality to be worth including.

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I agree, Toronto's maps are very terrible and inconsistent. Vancouver's have maps that show the entrances, but nothing like Ottawa. Can't say I've personally ever seen such maps for Metro stations, so I can't compare with Ottawa's.

I remember people complaining about the design of the O-Train station schematics when they came out, but I think they are quite good considering what other Canadian cities have. 

Side note, I hope your move went well and the family is settled in!


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