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In Ottawa, it will be the only station with such a configuration. Toronto has a few similar stations along the University line; Yorkdale with entrances on both sides of the highway underpass, and Wilson but without the underpass entrances. The two stations south of the aforementioned, Lawrence West and Glencairn, have similarities to Jeanne d'Arc, Convent Glen and Place d'Orléans. 

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Here's a rendering that was sent to me a few years ago by someone associated with the project. That person is no longer with the project. I did not see it on the page dedicated to Montréal Statio

Thank you for sharing the picture. I have added it onto the Montreal station page. If the final station can look this open and clean it will be to me a success from a visual perspective. At the v

From Jim Watson's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimWatsonOttawa/status/1286680978317094912

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This is what we have so far:

Map of Montreal Station area showing proposed connectivity enhancements

In Project Agreement:

A. Uni-directional cycle tracks and a 2.5m wide sidewalk on both sides of Montreal Road between the on and off ramps.

B. Multi-Use Pathway connecting the south end of Rainbow Street to Montreal Road.

C. Multi-Use Pathway along the north side of Highway 174 from Blair Road, continuing along the south side of Montreal Road with a cross ride/walk at signalised westbound off-ramp/ Montreal Road intersection, and continuing east to provide a connection to the Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway.

Proposed Enhancements

D. Install cycle tracks along Montréal Road from station to Shefford Road and buffered bike lanes from Montreal Station to Bearbrook Road.

E. Provide an opening to connect the east-west Multi-Use Pathway to the corner of Shefford Road and East Acres Road.

Additional Resources

Plan view: Montréal Road Cycle Tracks and Crossings

Concept plan of Montreal Station area showing proposed pedestrian and cycling facilitieshttps://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-engagement/projects/stage-2-lrt-station-connectivity-enhancement-study

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This is a video taken of the East Extension from Blair to the Georges Étienne Cartier Parkway viaduct.

I had the chance to see for myself yesterday and the least we can say is that the arrival of the LRT in Orléans is already changing the landscape. Not only do we start to see the pillars of the new rail bridge that will insert the LRT in the middle of the highway, but we can also see the new Eastbound lanes.

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Forgot to mention where the video was filmed.
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I have been going through that area daily for the past 2-3 weeks and the eastbound seems to be more advanced in work than the westbound, but the curve and angle of the road makes the westbound harder to see.

It will make for quite a large space for the station and guideway to be located... something I am eager to see.

On a sidenote, the work taking place on the flyover outside of Blair to the median is really starting to advance nicely. The road shift is a bit rough at spots and I hit a pothole just before Blair as it shifted back in the left westbound lane. Happy to say the hole has since been patched, but still odd that portion has a long metal strip embedded into the pavement.

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On 2020-10-14 at 10:09 AM, J.OT13 said:

We've seen some significant progress over the summer. I think they'll be able to open the new eastbound lanes over Montreal Road by November, but I have my doubts when it comes to the westbound lanes. 

I guess they are doing one side at a time to have a little impact as possible on traffic; the 174 is the THE main access road to Orléans.

And to you Shane: I am really looking forward to seeing how the whole flyover bridge will fit into the environment. For those who have been travelling from and to Orléans for many years, it will be a big change.

I am intrigued by how they are going to connect Blair station to the East extension. When I look at the end of the rails and what follows, it makes me think there might have be a curve to go under the viaduct, right where the buses go east.

Finally, I have a confession to make: I am just starting to realize the magnitude of Stage 2. Stage 1 was awesome! But Stage 2 is something else. Yes, I know how many stations and Km of rails are being constructed. But now, it is taking shape and getting real.

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Some more from Tierney. This nearly answers the question of whether or not there will be a gap between the highway and O-Train RoW; doesn't look like it. 


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It certainly doesn't look like there is any more room , although a recent reply from the Stage 2 team to me suggested there would be an additional lane once things were completed. Trying to find that response for more clarity.

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Looking at the cars for scale, it looks like there's enough space for two more traffic lanes, the two tracks and centre platform. I suspect they may build the additional traffic lanes first (possibly just for construction access initially, not for general use), quickly followed by the rail/platform deck by September. 

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Oh I see it now. Sorry it looked at first that the girders were all level with each other, which wouldn't have matched with the profile of the road, but yes it does look like another 1-2 lanes could be added. I think they had previously said it would have 1 additional lane than the current setup. Again, that only makes sense if they repurpose the bus lanes to a regular traffic lane, still not clear whether that will happen or if they will retain them for emergency use or circulation.

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