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1978-1983 Orion I

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In the oldest details I was able to gather some time back, 8373 and 8384, the last Orion I buses used by OC Transpo, were both retired in 1993. Knowing that 8801-8806 from 1978, 8807-8824 from 1979, 8825-8832 from 1980 and 8241-8266 from 1982 were retired before then, along with twenty others that entered service in 1983, I figure none were used for more than ten years. Those from 1983 that were retired in 1992 or earlier were 8371-8372, 8374-8383 and 8385-8392, with 8390 being sent to Para Transpo. 

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8241-8266, 8371-8372, 8374-8383 and 8385-8392 were retired in 1992.

Those that entered service from 1978 to 1980 (8801-8806, 8807-8824 and 8825-8832) would have been retired after ten years, if not less, which means the last of them were gone no later than 1990. If anyone knows what year any of those would have been replaced, it will help with finding out how they compared against the Orion-Ikarus articulated buses.


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