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Confederation Line - Opening September 14, 2019


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To go with the announcement today, here is the video of the end-to-end ride, that I was fortunate to be a part of.  

Rideau Transit Group is asking for some requirements for RSA to be waived to meet the Nov 2 or it will not meet the date. Modification of Fleet Size. Partial opening of Rideau Station

LRT's going to be open on Sept. 14th. Finally! I was starting to think they would keep pushing it back. However, it's also bittersweet news because it means our Orion VII NG hybrids will be

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Great thread indeed. Ken has done an amazing job in this long journey to get the Confederation Line realized and opened up. Always enjoy seeing his tweets, as they give a great idea of all that went into making it work.

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I don’t know if it was noticed, but buses along Albert Street now refer to LeBreton as Pimisi and next stops displays indicate Line 1 (and 2 at Bayview)!


AFAIK, not all maps have been replaced yet, though most of them have been updated along the alignment.

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As we're within ten days from the Confederation Line, time to remember how things were before the construction!

I moved here in September 2017, so I didn't get to experience the old Transitway. For those who rode the Transitway, I think it will be extremely interesting to look at how things have changed.


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To me, St-Laurent Station was the biggest taste of what was to come as it was the only underground bus station on the OC Transpo network. From between Pimisi and uOttawa, that section will be completely new but the rest is pretty much as it was before when it was BRT.

Notable changes would be:

  • Tremblay (which used to be called Train) in that the station has shifted to the west (originally in front of the VIA Rail station entrance).
  • Hurdman being an elevated station and the new bus loop, as compared to the original island setup of Hurdman.
  • uOttawa (originally called Campus), still featuring the pedestrian underpass but vastly improved and expanded. I remember the old square inch tiles that lined the tunnel walls.
  • Pimisi (originally called Lebreton), completely rebuilt, including the Booth street overpass, whereby it used to be at grade and on a downward slope.

Other than Blair and St-Laurent, all the other stations have been torn down and completely rebuilt.

Having walked through Blair station recently for the ride a few weeks ago, and again last weekend to see the reopened pedestrian overpass, it is a very nice and bright station. You would think being half new and half old would have resulted in poor results visually, it truly comes off quite nice.

St-Laurent station, I do enjoy being underground as it has always been, but the clash of old and new does not come off anywhere as nice as it does at Blair. The surface local platform station is mostly as it was before, with very little change in my opinion. The Transitway underground level has been converted to Train service, but I do not like that they chose to keep alot of the old elements with the new. I am mostly refering to the mid-level that access the mall, with the walkways over the track. Keeping St-Laurent local platform above open must have meant that there was a limit to how extensive the refit in the tunnel could be. They certainly did a lot but the way the entrances are from that level to the platform level just looks rough. Too many support pillars make the entrances to the stairs and escalator very narrow.


I mean, the ugly as **** concrete to the right there is just..... WHY.....

Come on, its just wide enough for two people to walk through. To the left is a door that will probably be closed 99% of the time.

Like the station actually looks good but this spot just ruins it for me... I hate to admit it but it's true. At the very least, this spot just looks really unfinished.

I haven't been by the station in atleast a month or two (other than on the ride) so I don't know if this spot has been improved or is still as it was on my last visit. Definitely missed opportunity on something that could have been done better.

The rest below (the walkway) is mostly as it was before when it was serving the Transitway, but has been brightened up and cleaned, as the diesel fumes had "tinted" the windows with the passing years.


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I’m really glad you brought it up, because I entirely agree. Without even stepping in it, I know St. Laurent will likely be my least favourite of all.

I get it: they can’t make too much modifications without having to close to bus loop and disrupt service. The problem is that the space underneath is far from great anyway. It is too big, designed to support a system which is no longer needed, yet still has to stand, and brings almost nothing to the table, except the enormous public art installation.

As much as I love bare concrete, or exposed structure, the layout of St Laurent is just so confusing for no reason. 


In no specific order:

  • Tight entrances.
  • MUP landing into the already too small entrances.
  • Instead of making the second level the fare gate section, each platform has its own fare paid section, which makes it SUPER INCONVENIENT in the event of a 
    “station skip” or need to turn around. Of course it is not majority of trips, but still makes it cumbersome.
  • From the street level, good luck figuring out where to go, even with the signage.

A part of me believes that the owner of St. Laurent decided not to invest as much in the station as did CF for Rideau, which leads in a definitely inferior station design and experience. I never really like St. Laurent as a mall, so this is not one I’ll frequent often, and probably was the worst starting conditions when it came to conversion, as it was brownfield both in physical space, but also in layout for operations.

I don’t really thing the upper level needed much change as it still required a bus loop, which would be open per its design and location. However, both the inferior levels leave so much to desire. A missed opportunity for sure.

I am a big fan of how Blair looks, and the overall shape of the station. Especially at night, the illumination really makes it “grandiose” in the same manner as Bayview or Tunney’s. It’s a big debate for me if I prefer the design of Tunney’s or Blair as an end station: island platform are superior, but the structure at Tunneys is stunning. They both look amazing at night, yet in the day I think Blair is more impressive with the “trenched” bus loop.

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11 hours ago, Edgeburn02 said:

The O-Train is now showing inside of the Transit app. 

If only OC Transpo supported GO crowd-sourced transit data. Though it is definitely my favourite public transit app.

Also interesting from your screenshot is the time of departure of the first train in the westbound direction: 14:01 ?

Unfortunately for me, change of plans at work means I’ll be working till 9PM... I’ll still be out and exploring for the rest of the night, and have my camera with me, though I wish I could see it earlier... Guess it will remove some of the traffic!


Quick edit: The Citadis Spirit looks good in icon form and the LINT is sooo happy! ?

Also note how each station is translated, with a direction. Each seems to exist as “separate” stations, even though they are “technically” the same station...81C34135-8A10-41A7-9265-BBF865C54615.jpeg.1a61918bb9f40aa2d732a3fddda94dea.jpeg

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46 minutes ago, Edgeburn02 said:

I remember that for a short period of time they did, but then it suddenly vanished. 

You’re right on this. I don’t recall why it worked but I know it stopped because of how OC shares the GPS location of vehicles in an antiquated and inefficient way, as can be seen by the amount of downtime.

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