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Hi folks. I've been keeping an eye on the new Line 2 names, and I've finally collected the whole set: C4: Northern Lights • Aurore Boréale C5: Nanuq • Polar Bear • Ours Polaire C6: Emil

Not sure where else to put this, but the coaches from the Wakefield Steam Train have been scrapped. https://www.facebook.com/LostOttawa/posts/2249492811816597

Thanks @sherlockholmium. I'll add those to the Coradia LINT page shortly. Welcome to the site!

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Very unfortunate. Ever since the landslide that damaged and washed out some of the tracks, it seemed like an impossibility to get the train back in service. With this latest news, it is now definitely come to an end.

I never had to chance to ride it but I've always heard it was quite the scenic ride and experience.

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Not OC Transpo but:

The STO 2009-2012 (0911-0925, 1001-1027, 1101-1107, 1227-1233) 40-foot LFS buses are now starting to get the new livery. Buses 1012 and 0914 have already been done. 0916 also has the new livery but it was already applied a few years back.

All second generation (0501-0910) LFS buses have already received the new livery a few years back with the exception of 0511, 0801, and 0905. Note that 0514 was a write-off due to a fire in 2008.

There is a chance that the 2004 LFSs (0401-0417) may receive the new livery considering there was a contract that mentioned that 72 buses were to be wrapped. If we include them with the third gens being done, it adds up to 73 buses.

0201-0209, 0301-0313, and 0314-0328 most likely will not receive the livery considering they're 16-17 year old buses.

There is also a chance that STO may go for the 12xx-13xx artics wrapped in the Rapibus livery instead of the 04xx buses.(which I can't see them doing considering they're usually only on Rapibus routes to begin with)

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3 hours ago, OC Transpo/STO Fan said:

All LFS are now in service with the exception of 4671 and 4682. 80 Inveros have also been retired to date as these LFSs are their replacements.

Of the LFS in service, do we know which ones are the new order with more seat material, or it is going to be a future order?

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7 minutes ago, DavidBellerive said:

Of the LFS in service, do we know which ones are the new order with more seat material, or it is going to be a future order?

None at the moment have padded seats. All are from the first 4601-4682 batch.

As I recall hearing from someone who works at OC Transpo, the next batch ordered (4683-4775) will most likely have padded seats. They are also slated to come starting in November.

Note that the existing LFS will not be retrofitted with more seat padding unless either seats needs replacing or they undergo rebuild in the future.

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This happened a while ago but I'll post it anyways. Best place to put it.

For anyone who wants to know, a few artics caught fire back in late 2018 and were stored at the New Flyer Arnprior facility ever since. They're still there but with their OC Transpo logos covered in black paint as well as fleet numbers. 6390 is whole, but there are separate D60LFR front and rear trailers.

8038 is also sidelined there but is not retired. I do not know what exactly happened, but I assume it's being repaired. 8062 is also there waiting for a repair because it caught fire as well.

As of July, these buses are deemed retired:

6390, 6405, 6677, 6685

The fire damage was deemed too severe to fix. There's actually a rumour going around that one D60LFR might be saved by combining the front trailer from either 6677 or 6685 and the rear from 6405. It might actually get a new fleet number of 6710 due to the new bus being basically two buses combined or it may just be 6405, 6677, or 6685.


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So 6405's actually coming back into service, although frankensteined.

This 6405 will only have the back half of the bus that is original (from 6405). The entire front half is from 6685. However, this bus retains the original VIN number of 6405. As far as I know, there's no way to tell that this bus was frankensteined unless you know that 6405 has had parts taken from another bus.

6390 and 6677 are still retired. 6685's entire rear half is also retired but the bus has come back into service in a way. 6405 got into a crash and the front was too damaged to fix.


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