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O-Train - Service Interruptions


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John Manconi was on CTV Ottawa Morning earlier today to speak of the cracked wheels, the investigation and his conversations with the new CEOs. He once again offered to shut down the line for any period of time this summer. 

He also spoke about the switch heaters. Since last winter, OC Transpo has asked RTG/RTM to convert the heaters from electric to gas. Winter switche issues have been one of the major causes of disruptions. Up until now, they've been saying it wasn't necessary however, the new CEO of RTG, Nicolas Truchon, has now approved the conversion of a few switches. We're already seeing some movement a few days into the new leadership's term.

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(I posted this once my my cell, but it didn't seem to go through) Yep.  I took the pic at 13:25. Trains were held for about 10 min. Guy jumped the turnstile as I was entering from the Rideau

Previously when a train was disabled due to a door that couldn’t be closed and disabled , the CBTC control system needed to be bypassed which resulted in massive delays while the train was returned to

Spotted a real wacko today.... He seems to be in Jedi mode also. Called  911, he was arrested.   VID_20190925_132829_01_01.mp4

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This is great news. Clearly the electric heaters for the switches were not up to the job. Switching to gas should increase the heat output to the needed level. Lets hope they move ahead and upgrade all the heater units throughout the alignment so this is a thing of the past. Right here, this is will be a big improvement for the winter.

Hoping the new CEO has even more zest to get the rest of the line up to spec. A good solid start!

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New Update today on O-Train Line 1:

Rideau Transit Group has established a routine for wheel inspections that allows them to increase the vehicle count for service to 8 plus a spare. Effective tomorrow, with the increase in vehicles, the train will operate on a 7-minute service throughout the day. The 7-minute frequency will continue throughout the weekend as well.

We will communicate this to our customers through all our channels and update you as more information becomes available.

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It has been a while since we have posted anything related to interruptions or service impacts.

Today at 3:07pm, OC Transpo reported a water leak in the tunnel west of Rideau Station (so between Parliament and Rideau, but likely closer to Rideau).

Trains continue to operate but will travel slower when entering and leaving Rideau Station.


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