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O-Train - Service Interruptions

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(I posted this once my my cell, but it didn't seem to go through) Yep.  I took the pic at 13:25. Trains were held for about 10 min. Guy jumped the turnstile as I was entering from the Rideau

Previously when a train was disabled due to a door that couldn’t be closed and disabled , the CBTC control system needed to be bypassed which resulted in massive delays while the train was returned to

Good news! We have now almost reached a full week without any issues (153 hours as of now to be precise). Considering that at this point last week it seemed like the whole thing was falling apart, it'

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During the lead-up to passenger service on September 14th, there was a partial system shutdown this past Wednesday (September 4th), between Hurdman and Tunney's Pasture. Official comments and explanation are provided below by Troy Charter - Director of Transit Operations.


“Three radio units that are part of the control system needed to be reset. All service has been restored as of 2pm. Three trains stopped in the tunnel as per protocols. Two of them were taken to Tunney’s Pasture and one returned to operations in the east end until radios were reset. OC Transpo continues to work towards a September 14 launch.”

Attributed to Troy Charter, Director, Transit Operations


“At approximately 4:30am this morning, it was determined that 3 radio units that communicate the location of trains in the western alignment to the Transit Operations Control Centre had tripped to the off position.

Trains in this area were stopped as per safety protocols, but service continued in the eastern portion of the alignment. Trains were not running between Tunney’s Pasture Station and Hurdman Station, and service continued from Hurdman Station to Blair Station.

A local reset of the radio units was required and as of 2 pm all service was restored. The cause of the radio shutdown is under investigation with one possible cause being last night’s thunderstorm.”

Attributed to Troy Charter, Director, Transit Operations

At City Hall later on, John Manconi - General Manager of Transportation Services provided more information, available below in the audio file (provided on request by City Hall media relations).

Ottawa City Hall Recording.mp3

It is important to note that had the trains been carrying passengers when they stopped, they would have resumed movement under manual control by the operator, and proceeded to the next station to disembark passengers. At the same time, train service between Blair and Hurdman continued as usual and was not affected by the issue being experienced elsewhere on the line.

While issues that cause down time are not ideal, it is good that they happen before the service launches, and also during the 3 week parallel service period. Naturally no service is ever going to run without any issue, it is how they are dealt with, and prevented from future re-occurrence that matters most. From this experience, it was stated that there will be staff continuously reviewing the system error logs and should this event occur again, they know how to restore service so it will happen much more quickly.

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The city of Ottawa media relations released some memos today updating on the status and performance of Line 1. 

The last one was emailed around 6:10pm and stated among other things There was one occurrence where an operator had to respond to a technical issue on a train, which resulted approximately in an eight-minute delay. The train was quickly returned back into service.

Could be related to this what you experienced, with the usual ripple effect as service returns to normal across the entire line from the interruption.  Good to see the turn around and fix was very quick. 

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35 minutes ago, Shane said:

Could be related to this what you experienced, with the usual ripple effect as service returns to normal across the entire line from the interruption.  Good to see the turn around and fix was very quick. 

Most likely this one as the timing seems to fit. It was fixed really quickly, then the train frequency was about 2 minutes apart for the next 4-5 trains. Really good turn around.

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20 minutes ago, Shane said:

Can you get a recording of the service announcements? Would be great to have that on record for what they sound like. 

Difficult to get a good recording on a surface level, heading back to the downtown core see if I can get better.


EDIT: Service seems to have been restored all the way to Blair, frequency is still affected though less than earlier.

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The city of Ottawa released the following information on the service interruption. 

“Full service has been restored with residual delays. We had one immobilized train at Cyrville Station that was diagnosed by a technician. Service continued to operate on a single track from St-Laurent to Blair Station. Customer volume was low at the time. Full service continued from St-Laurent to Tunney’s Pasture Station. The train has been brought in, and customers would have experienced delays.”

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