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Réseau Structurant (Quebec City)

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Since we don't really have a topic for it, and given the early stage of their process, thought I would introduce you to the Réseau Structurant de transport en commun, the largest infrastructure project in Quebec City meant to built the following:

  • 23 km Tramway line (with two tunnels (total 3.5km) and dedicated lanes on the rest of the alignment)
  • 13 km of Trambus, with dedicated lane, meant to connect urban poles to the Tramway
  • 16km of dedicated roadway, to be shared by the Trambus and regular buses
  • Expansion of the Metrobus system, the current BRT offered in Quebec City, with increased frequency
  • 2 mechanical links, meant to connect the lower and higher town, a connection generally difficult for pedestrians and cyclists.


http://www.reseaustructurant.info/index.aspx (only in french, but the official website of the project and its updates)

The City already has funding approved both federally and provincially, with a total cost of approximately 3 billions dollars, although the project has not been sent for offers, and most outside estimate are closer to 4 billions.

The project has currently been approved by the city, though it is still in planning phase, with an expected opening in 2026.

Personally, the project means a lot to me, since it is my hometown, but also because it will address a lot of the current shortcomings of the network, since the city has expanded considerably in the last 20 years.

Below are a few of the early renderings for the network, and its infrastructures. Note that the vehicle design has not been decided, and the renderings have changed considerably since the initial ones in 2018.



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Update on Quebec's adventure with tramways!

At the end of October, the city presented the comparative study conducted by Systra and the HEC regarding the best "heavy rail system" for the city. Four types were studied:

  • Open Tramway (Configured as currently proposed)
  • Grade-Separated LRT
  • Monorail (MONORAIL!)
  • Underground Metro (Ala Montreal Metro)

To the surprise of no one, the studies have recommended the current tramway proposal, suggesting it is the most flexible and cost effective for the capacity needs. Slides are only in french, but the four criteria are the following: Difficult of construction and Integration, Reliability, Availability of Technology, Average Cost.


Based on those results, the city is planning to continue based on their current proposal, and will move forward with planning and development. Contracts have still not been awarded, and the city continues to expect entry into service by 2026.

The report also suggests a 4 minutes frequency, with a lower limit of 3 minutes due to the open system and circulations considerations.

While I haven't read the full report yet, I do not really think it was a fair comparison. To evaluate the LRT option, the model of reference was the Scarborough RT, not something similar to the Confederation Line. If you want to read the report and see the presentations (all in french), follow this link!

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On 2019-11-11 at 6:24 PM, DavidBellerive said:

To the surprise of no one, the studies have recommended the current tramway proposal, suggesting it is the most flexible and cost effective for the capacity needs.

I am from Quebec City originally. Transit in that city is extremely slow despite all the efforts to create way back in the 1970's what was called the PVA (Parcours à vitesse accélérée) To go faster, the buses of that services skipped some of the stops along the route. The Metrobus came later. But in my times, it took me one hour and a half to go from my parents' home in Charlesbourg to the CEGEP de Sainte-Foy.

This city is unique and can't be compared to any other I know in North America. There is absolutely no room left at ground level and they want to add a Tramway. After living a Quarter Century there, I would oppose the current project because it is only going to make things even worse than they already are. A separated grade LRT with tunnel sections would have been far better.  Yes, I know, more expensive. But when something is built for future generations, it is a long term investment.

Here is where the project is, as of July 14, 2020: https://www.reseaustructurant.info/actualites/2020-07-14-candidature-construction-tramway.aspx

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