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In the time since the post above, the city has installed rubber mats at all entrances and has stated that an anti-slip coating was applied to the floor and stair tiles.

I have only "tested" the adhesion of the tiles lately while it has been relatively dry and it didn't seem any different than before, so I can't comment on the improved performance when wet. Can anyone share their observations? Has there been an improvement?

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The rail layer on geoOttawa shows where the extensions will be for each station. St. Laurent - Will be extended eastwards uOttawa - Entirely southwards Bayview - geoOttawa says eas

Based on GeoOttawa, they have reduced station extensions to 100 meters (currently at 90 meters). As you've suggested David, the cabs will spill over the platforms. One thing of interest however, they

Another topic I wanted to discuss: platform extensions. We all know the underground stations were built at 120m already to support the maximum vehicle length, and ground stations are built at 100

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