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  1. I think its 47 miles to Boston Union Station but via train it is 1hr 33mn And the other direction via Amtrak to Chicago it's 18hrs or so. Longer than acceptable..but just may do it...
  2. Rehabbed and in great condition, this old station is gorgeous. But crappy slow train service and one short platform.
  3. We still have some streets and alley that are the original bricks. Only issue is that people (meaning the city) thinks its acceptable that when a water pipe or something else below the surface needs to be repaired, they remove the bricks, do the work, and patch with hot asphalt instead of restoring the brick. I complained and the city said "But nobody knows how to do bricks anymore and its super expensive" As I look around and see every new house in Chicago is being built with bricks.... Anyway, just another thing that would be nice to have, but bureaucrats and laziness get in the way of.
  4. Been stuck in Chicago USA since June..so thought I would post a fun find today. Construction on Sheffield Ave revealed the old pavers and train tracks. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous. Can't have nice things anymore. Only cheap crappy asphalt and billion dollar train system proposals that have not gone anywhere since the 70s. It's time to propose renovation of these streets and simple tram/streetcar lines. Especially in historic districts and tourist areas...or even my neighborhood!
  5. Back in Chicago..none of the light rail stuff here... 😁😁 VID_20200617_144738.mp4
  6. At grade in downtown is most likely the least attractive idea to come from this. We (Ottawa and Ontario) just spent 500,000,000 on a tunnel to get transit off the streets. And Now Gatineau (and apparently more of those nameless "staff" people in Ottawa) thinks this is a good idea. The answer is no. No to 2 separate systems, no to clogging streets with a zillion slow trams during rush hour. No no no. Yes to a zillion other options.
  7. Well this is an interesting turn of events...if they took off roughly 40mm of diameter from the wheels.. That is a lot andnlikely would make the wheels out of spec? And I am betting not all the wheels on that particular train are like that..so the computer must be working overtime with vehicle Dynamics. Imagine you car with two 17in wheels, one 16in and one 18inch..not only would the ride be unbearable, but the computer would be blinking all sorts of lights and not letting your car work at full potential. That being said, there are lots of reasons we could speculate on as to why the tra
  8. The ENTIRE areas of Bank Street, Lowertown, Vanier, etc... is in dire need a reason for developers to rehabilitate these areas or build new buildings, developments. This line would be well worth the investment. The Fed Government can only talk about being green and funding transport.. now is the time to hit them up for a billion or two.
  9. I would say this yellow line is needed more than any suburban line. Bank Street, Lowertown, Vanier would be a great addition to the system and serve high density areas.
  10. Yes, just simply yes. The nuances of this can be worked out (even yellow vs green line duplicity) but simply yes. Do it. The LRT just feeding the Red Line (line 1/confederation/whatever) does not scale well nor is reliable/fault tolerant. This type of system, combined with reduced (meaning onerous) regulations for building new TOD housing units and walking communities around stations, would increase the quality of life, lower the housing costs, and make Ottawa a place people and business move to. Commuter rail does not have to be a huge massive cost (original trillium as an
  11. I agree with another connector for sure. One easy one (in my pipedream mind) is to get VIA off their keister and start high frequency service between Fallowfield and Tremblay. Get some Line 2 style diesel commuter trains and run service on the line. Either let Octranspo operate them and the Presto card works, or if Via has to operate them, work it out with some presto gates. Going south from Tremblay these higher frequency than Via trains could stop/connect at Line 2 Mooney's then proceed Southwest to Walkley road and get Riverside into some train action..then stop somewhere in the Nep
  12. And what if a train shows up that is full? Or half full? Or whatever...? I have ridden plenty of train systems that you had to wait until the next train...and brand new ones (Dubai) but never a train system with such small platforms. When you have a chance to build from scratch, why not just over do it? "Ok studies say we need 12 feet to make room for 600 people...". ... "Ok..let's do 30 feet."
  13. I think I may have reached a general understanding of a what concepts I was missing here..... I have been disillusioned by the many LRT stations in all planning stages that are just connections to bus transit lines, parking lot pickup spots or other change of transit mode stations.... I constantly thought to myself, how can these people be so short sighted about planning and where the stations are located... so many mistakes... until digging into what this thread has been chatting about.... the idea behind Ottawa LRT really is just to get people in and out of downtown more efficiently, time
  14. Does anyone know what the development plan is for around the Fallowfield area? If someone tells me, "oh there is going to 4 strip malls, 3 condo buildings and lots of surface parking for Costco going in, I am going to strangle them... ok, maybe not...but where two growing train systems overlap, development booms. The area in my high tech ms paint diagram should be developed like a town/community/high street/etc... A walk-able community with residences, offices, trade, etc... not single family homes with a need for lots of cars and buses to take people to the transit center. Anyone ha
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